Nut nutrition: why should nuts be your daily snack

Are nuts part of your daily diet? Learn is why they should be!

March 01, 2019
Nut nutrition: why should nuts be your daily snack

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Nuts are one of the favorite healthy snacks. The reason for this is because they are great food for when you are on the go. Besides, they can last for a long time and are easily stored. Plus, nuts are a high source of fibers, which means you will be feeling full for a long time.

High in protein, nuts are excellent food choice for vegetarians or vegans. Even if you eat meat and animal products, nuts are a great way to enrich your diet and boost protein intake with some healthy and tasty snacks!

The most often critic nuts receive is that they are rich in fat. However, it should be noted that they are primarily rich in healthy, unsaturated fats. That doesn’t mean you can eat as much of the nuts as you want, just that you shouldn’t worry about the intake of unhealthy fatty acids. Keep in mind that the recommended daily intake of nuts is 30g, and you can mix different nuts to get various nutrients. Considering nuts can even help you lose weight, it’s worth adding those 30g in your daily diet.

Fibers, proteins, and healthy fatty acids are not the only nutrients nuts contain. Every kind of nuts has its own characteristics. Here is a list of the most popular nuts, together with their benefits.


Almonds are probably the most commonly used nuts. Reason for this is simple - they are delicious, rather affordable, and really healthy! Actually, they have more nutrients than any other nuts!

Almonds are packed with antioxidants, mostly with Vitamin E. This powerful vitamin is mostly know as a vitamin that provides you with healthy and glowy skin. However, deficiency of the vitamin E can cause (amongst other things) muscle weakness. Therefore, add almonds to your diet and make sure you get enough of vitamin E!

Besides vitamin E, almonds are packed with manganese, magnesium, and riboflavin. The combination of nutrients found in almonds helps you build muscle and recover after the workout!


If you are looking for an additional source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts are a great choice! They have more omega-3 fatty acids than any other nut. Your body can’t produce this kind of fatty acids alone, so walnuts are a great addition to your diet.

Besides that, walnuts are an excellent source of copper, a mineral whose deficiency causes fatigue, weakness, and iron deficiency anemia. Are you often feeling too tired to work out? Try adding walnuts to your diet!


The popularity of cashews has risen in the past years, mostly to the fact they are highly used in raw food recipes. Roasted and salted, they have a great combination of sweet and salty taste and a high percentage of dietary fibers.

These buttery tasted nuts are rich in magnesium. Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle spasms that can affect your workout and overall functioning. Make this healthy treat a part of your diet and avoid such difficulties!


Easily affordable, peanuts are probably the most known nuts, although they are not actually nuts - they are legumes! However, from a nutritional standpoint, since they have similar health benefits as tree nuts, they are considered nuts.

With 26 g of protein per 100 g, peanuts are a great choice if you want to enrich your protein intake. They are rich with other nutrients, such as magnesium, copper, and zinc, so they are overall healthy snack you can get in any store!

Bottom line

Rich in nutrients, protein, and fiber, nuts should be included in your daily diet. Although they are great muscle building food, make sure you follow nutritional rules for muscle building to achieve the best results.

Also, always be careful not to exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep in mind your diet must be properly balanced to get the best fitness results and achieve overall health. Madbarz Premium offers you a wide range of recipes that will help you achieve a balanced and healthy diet without spending too much time and money on cooking, make sure to check it out!

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