Push Up Limit - Ultimate Chest Progress Challenge

How do you measure your push up progress? Take the challenge and find out where you stand!

March 15, 2016
Push Up Limit - Ultimate Chest Progress Challenge

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Measure strength and see your progress

Hello Athletes, want to see, and measure, your progress in push ups?

The new challenge is here to show you where you are right now and help you cross the limit.

Steady muscle attack

The exercises go from harder to easier – but the reps stay the same. This is a strength workout aiming to attack your muscles and make them grow, so use the pause or make it longer if necessary, whatever it takes to squeeze out all reps. By the way, do you know what's the difference between close vs. wide push ups? Check it out here.

How to use this challenge

Make this challenge your progress buddy, do it more than once to measure your push up progress. Do it because push ups are awesome, and here's why.

Beginner: If you couldn't finish at first, come back later and see if you got better. Set a simple goal of finishing all 4 cycles and see how fast you get there.

Advanced: If you can finish it right away - aim to add as many reps as possible in the next weeks. Think you can make it to 30 reps per exercises in each cycle?

Start smart

Before starting, ask yourself – does it look too easy or too hard? If you think it's easy, add 5-10 reps, if you think it's hard, remove them. If you're not sure – just start the challenge and see how far you get.

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  • Mahesh Kandpal 719 workouts (level 114)
    Finished in 53 mins. This is good challenge. Got 376 points. February 19, 2019
  • Emikae Ziomuniu 169 workouts (level 39)
    Sorry for off topic but I have a question that is realy important for me: If i'm doing push up routine or chest routine on tuesday, triceps limit on thursday and shoulder control on saturday (every workout on my max) do you think it is too much for chest muscles or shoulder muscles? Is it too much and my shoulders or chest will grow slower? Thank you in advance for the answer. June 28, 2016
  • Philip 393 workouts (level 90)
    Push Up Limit 4 cycles, 375 points, 00:43:56 I would be interested in the different points, though same repititions... is less time per workout a factor for higher points? April 22, 2016
  • stg 934 workouts (level 181)
    First try this morning. 20 each; 29:27 min, 501 points. I really hate those diamond push ups, though. April 08, 2016
  • Laku Jokinen 404 workouts (level 119)
    Today I made it again. 150 reps for each, and 167 seconds to hold. 36 minutes and 941 points. Today went fine. April 06, 2016

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