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Real results

Real results

Whether you're looking for fat loss or muscle gain, track your results and enjoy your transformation.

Real results

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Manage your fitness with custom-made plans and a special nutrition guide inspiring you to push your limits!

Real results

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Be a part of Madbarz community with over 1 million people and experience the motivation.

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Get in shape with short workouts that fit your lifestyle.

Real results
"I lost some 6 kg, but I got muscles! Now I'm at 72kg and 6% BF. The routines are more advanced compared to the gym, and the best part is that you can work out in the sun!"
Rui Bittencourt
Real results
"Madbarz became like a lifestyle to me... Thanks for helping and guiding people in the right direction in the fitness industry!!!"
Charbel Younan
Real results
"I saw Madbarz videos pages and liked them 'cause exercises were easy to understand (plan or training)."
Mawroz Yousofi
Real results
"After 8 months I already saw results - abs, bigger arms, chest - and I gained 10kg. Madbarz really helped me!"
Ron Zilberbod
Real results
"This training combined with a healthy diet and 7 hours of sleep, is all I do to maintain my body and mind."
Federico Medina
Real results
"Working out changed the way I look at life. I am mentally stronger, have friends across the world, a great life and I look great!"
Nasko Deuces
Real results
"Thank you very much for everything and mostly for those fantastic motivational sentences in the app, they're amazing!! Keep fighting for your dreams!"
Andrea Bertolini
Real results
"I started training using the Madbarz app. I did not lose too much weight, but my body fat reduced a lot and my muscle mass developed as well!"
Gabriel Batista Conrado Martins
Real results
"I need that quick and efficient workout to keep my body moving and feel empowered..."
Valentina Cardona
Real results
"I wanted to be able to do physical things without getting tired... Now, I can easily lift my baby girl and I feel strong and confident!"
Julie Bjanes

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