​Ultimate Guide To Building Bigger Chest At Home

Exercises, workouts and anatomy - all info you need to build bigger and stronger chest.

July 15, 2016
​Ultimate Guide To Building Bigger Chest At Home

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Want to build bigger chest at home? The right tips and basic understanding can take you a long way.

This will help you build chest muscles the right way and see faster results:

  • Basic chest anatomy
  • Exercises for different chest parts
  • Training tips

Basic chest anatomy

The chest is made of two muscles:

  • Pectoralis Major (bigger) and Pectoralis Minor (smaller, underneath the bigger one)

What matters more is that muscle fibres in the chest muscles go in different directions, so the pecs are usually divided by these areas:

  • Upper vs. Lower chest and Inner vs. Outer chest

Exercises for different chest parts

Don't get confused - bodyweight chest exercises activate more than just one part of your chest, but certain exercises simply put more emphasis on one part then another.

Upper vs Lower Chest

  • Upper part: Decline Push Ups, Pike Push Ups, Decline Pike Push Ups
  • Lower part: Incline Push Ups, Dips (lean forward to target lower chest)

Find out more about Incline vs. Decline Push Ups.

Inner vs Outer Chest

Narrow Push Ups, such as Diamond Push Ups or any other Push Up variation where your hands are placed narrower than your shoulder width target more inner chest. On the other hand, Wide Push Ups target more of the outer chest. Check out more info on Wide vs. Narrow Push Ups.

Other exercises

  • Hindu Push Ups - Great choice for building chest when regular Push Ups get too easy
  • Clap Push Ups - Advanced chest exercise to shock muscles for more growth

Training tips

Suggested workouts in the Madbarz App:

  • Push Up Routine
  • Chest Pump
  • Push Dose
  • Dip and Push

Find out why this Push Up Routine is a great workout for building a bigger chest.

How to combine exercises in you own chest workouts?

For best results make sure that your workouts focus on more than one part of the chest. Always variate exercises to keep the workouts challenging, that's what causes muscle growth.

How low do you have to go in a Push Up?

Your goal should be to touch the ground with your nose - but advance slowly until you have enough strength to keep back flat. The stronger you get the easier it will be to go low and keep good form.

How to perform chest exercises for maximum muscle building?

Focus on the mind-muscle connection and always imagine contracting the part of the chest that you want to work on. This will actually help you make the muscles contract even more for better results. For more info check out these tips for building muscle.


Feel each rep and remember that the gains start when it gets hard. If you follow these basics and watch out not to compromise with your form, you will build bigger chest at home without weights or supplements. Workout plans for building muscle at home without equipment are available in the Madbarz Premium. Good luck with your training!

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