Kristijan’s success story

Read about a man who never gave up and ended up achieving the impossible.

March 29, 2019
Kristijan’s success story

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Kristijan indeed has an incredible and inspirational journey behind (and ahead of) him. When his story reached the Madbarz team, there was no doubt it needed to be shared with the entire Madbarz community, to motivate and support anyone challenged by the same or similar troubles.

Kristijan’s journey starts in 2013, and he has come a long way since then. His story is not an ordinary one. Kristijan went through thyroid disease and complicated surgery that changed his way of life. However, he did not give up; only 4 months after the surgery, he started researching calisthenics, mostly on Youtube.

‘’I was drawn to calisthenics when I noticed how calisthenics athletes performed advanced moves with such ease. Of course, the fact that they all look virtually perfect also helped’’ - said Kristijan.

At that time, the Madbarz app had not been brought to market, so he followed the Madbarz routines in the form of the pictures posted on social media.

Kristijan has come a long way since then, and he has some advice to share with his Madbarz family.

How he achieved his transformation

The road to success wasn’t easy, but Kristijan achieved tremendous results, not only in the matter of looks but also in his endurance and physical abilities.

‘’I train two times a day, six days a week. At least once a week I do supersets that last up to 10 minutes with minimal rest time.’’

Kristijan wanted to achieve a perfect pull up and push up, so he dedicated every morning to one of those two exercises. He wanted to perfect his push up so much that, for the first year of working out, he was doing 1000 push ups every day (yes, we know, he’s hardcore). Talk about dedication! Kristijan is living proof that sometimes the most classic exercises can be the most effective and most fulfilling.

Kristijan shared his top 5 favorite exercises with us:

  • Push up
  • Dips
  • Pull up
  • Handstand
  • Front lever

Kristijan considers himself “old school Madbarz” and utilized our long list of workouts to amplify and add to his training regimen. His favorite, he tells us, would have to be the Push Dose chest and arms workout. This 28-minute workout builds strength and muscle from different angles in 5 cycles, making it a great workout for pumping up the upper body. Workouts like this one are free in the Madbarz app, which you can download from the app store!

Kristijan also paid a lot of attention to nutrition.

‘’I did some drastic measures when I began my journey. In the beginning, I was conducting intermittent fasting. I did 48 hours of fasting, and then 48 hours of loading (not excess). After 4 months, I went from 105 to 90 kilograms. I had lost all the fat, and gained muscle mass.’’

Before conducting this kind of fasting, you must consult a medical professional. If you’d like to learn more about intermittent fasting and see if it’s right for you, you can check out this blog post for some basic facts.

Kristijan also did some other nutrition changes that were not so drastic, but made a difference in his journey. He avoided all fast foods, sweets, mayonnaise and similar foods. Today, Kristijan says he no longer follows any specific diet regime or count calories. Instead, he is just trying to be more aware of the kinds of food he is eating and tries to cook his own meals whenever possible.

‘’Your diet depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to build muscle, you will have to eat more. If you want to lose weight, you will have to count calories and be careful about what you are eating. Keep in mind that doesn’t always mean eating less.’’

Push through - there are no excuses

During his transformation, Kristijan came to the realization that the only one he is fighting is: himself. He shared with us some very wise words, that can be reflected in the other parts of life, not just working out.

‘’Never give up. Sometimes, you will come to your training, feel as if the entire world collapsed and all you will want to do is go home and lie in bed. Believe me, those moments are crucial. You have to push through those moments both physically and mentally and do your training. Sometimes, you will feel as if you are not moving forward - change your routine, spice it up! Every change in your routine is a level up. There are no excuses - no ‘I don’t wanna’; no ‘I don’t feel like it’. Push through, do your training, and earn your rest.’‘’

’’The only limits are the ones inside of your head ’’, says Kristijan.

It’s important to have good motivation that will fuel your ongoing bittersweet fitness fight. If you’re looking for an external motivator, Kristijan recommends trying a structured plan from the Madbarz app to push yourself to work out on a consistent basis.

I would recommend 12-week transformation as I know this plan has it all.”

In addition, Kristijan also tells us it’s important to find things that matter to you personally when looking for motivation.

‘’Living healthy is motivating for me. It helped me overcome the hard times after my surgery. Today, I feel more fulfilled, more satisfied and more confident. ‘’

But, he continues, not every motivation is internal. Sometimes, the people around are the ones who push us to do our best, and we are lucky to have those people in our lives. For Kristijan, that person was his wife.

‘’My wife is my motivation. She trains with me every day and puts up with my bad days as well as my good days.’’

Madbarz will be there for you

’’If you need someone to guide you through this process, and you don’t have money for gyms and personal trainers, Madbarz is the app you should use. Whether you are a beginner or professional, the app will guide you from day one, track your progress and push you forward. Madbarz is made for everyone who is starting from scratch. ‘’

Is there anything left to say? Seeing the way working out can change lives as it has changed Kristijan’s life, is motivation enough for the Madbarz team to deliver the best fitness app there is.

Did Kristijan inspire you to start your transformation journey? Download the app and get your Madbarz Premium to gain access to detailed workout plans and nutrition information - features that will help you achieve your goals.

No excuses.

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  • Michal Dre (PL) 31 workouts (level 17)
    ‘’I train two times a day, six days a week. At least once a week I do supersets that last up to 10 minutes with minimal rest time.’’ That type of training is not burning muscles? What about overtraining? I'm beginner and app is suggesting me to do 1 workout a day and next day rest. I would like to see comment from expert about that. July 07, 2019
  • Tho Mas 746 workouts (level 118)
    He got the body that I want ! This man is insane. March 30, 2019

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