This Is The Most Popular Madbarz Routine And 3 Reasons Why You Should Use It

You just can't stop your muscles from growing with this routine. That's why people around the world are doing it and you should, too.

October 07, 2015
This Is The Most Popular Madbarz Routine And 3 Reasons Why You Should Use It

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You just can't stop your muscles from growing with this routine. That's why people around the world are doing it again and again.

The secrets are revealed behind the most used Madbarz workout – The Push Up Routine. This killer combo of exercises improves each targeted muscle in all of it's modes. Before we start, if you need reasons why push ups are awesome and tips how to do them, you can find them here.

The extra benefits of the Push Up Routine:

Shocks your muscles

The routine involves a powerful combination of different types of exercises. The mix consists of:

  • isometric exercise - the push up hold
  • plyometric exercise - the clap push up
  • usual bodyweight strength exercises such as regular and diamond push ups

Following the routine makes you switch between different types of movements and positions resulting in a real shock effect for your muscles. Additionally, this intense combo makes sure that you push through strength plateaus much easier than if you were focusing on only one type of strength exercise.

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Makes you faster

The included Clap Push Up exercise is an explosive movement.

This type of exercise forces the body to change the existing ratio of different types of muscle fibres.

Also, it increases the efficiency of the muscle fibers responsible for quick muscle contractions. That way, it teaches your body to apply strength quickly. This type of exercises is used to improve movements in many specific sports trainings, such as punching or throwing.

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Additional activation

The Push Up Hold exercise is done by keeping muscles under tension without movement. The tension includes both the muscles contracting and the ones opposing the action. The harder the hold gets, the more you feel tension distributing across different parts of your body. Some shut off, others get activated.

Aiming to keep maximum tension and control means you're pushing the limits of your whole body. This type of exercise activates nearly all available motor units, and that's not an easy task.

Takeaway: Get down to the floor and push.

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  • Mahesh Kandpal 719 workouts (level 114)
    Undoubtedly, this is one of the best chest routine. Love it. October 27, 2018
  • ry sloan 67 workouts (level 23)
    Love this routine, what would be the lower body equivalent though, as much as I love having a strong upper body not so keen on walking on my hands everywhere! I've used the 10 days workout for 20 days but after 30 I want to change program and this is where the problem will occur. August 12, 2016
  • madbarz 111 workouts (level 10)
    @bartomierz All Madbarz workouts are designed to make you build more muscle, but the biggest advantage of Push Up routine is that it's short and addicitve! ;) August 03, 2016
  • madbarz 111 workouts (level 10)
    @emikae_ziomuniu Check out the Platinum Pack - it has a 10 day workout split template designed especially for starting with bodyweight training! Good luck! August 03, 2016
  • Emikae Ziomuniu 169 workouts (level 39)
    I have a question: If i'm doing push up routine or chest routine on tuesday, triceps limit on thursday and shoulder control on saturday (every workout on my max) do you think it is too much for chest muscles or shoulder muscles? Is it too much and my shoulders or chest will grow slower? Thank you in advance for the answer. June 28, 2016

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