3 Tips To Burn Fat More Effectively

Learn how to lose more fat and gain better results!

May 17, 2018
3 Tips To Burn Fat More Effectively

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Are you trying to lose weight? Feeling like you’re stuck?
Our bodies are quite stubborn when it comes to losing fat, but there are always some secret tricks you can try.

1. Up your game

When following a fat loss plan for a while, you may reach the plateau.
A plateau is when your body adapts to the caloric deficit and the workouts, so you don’t see much of a progress anymore. How to deal with this? 

Before cutting calories, try to change up your workouts first. You can do it in several ways;

  • Increase frequency: add an extra session or two per week. If you stay on the same amount of calories, these added workouts will help you see some changes.
  • Increase intensity: shorter rests between exercises or higher tempo workouts will help you burn more calories per session.
  • Increase duration: add more sets to your workouts or add some new exercises to your usual regime.

Remember: Your body adapts quickly! Make sure to switch up your workouts and nutrition every now and then in order to surprise your body and promote faster fat loss.

2. Cardio that saves time

Cardio is a tool that helps you burn more calories during the day. It doesn’t have to be long nor boring!
Pick one of the following (or combine them), save time, and see results from the afterburn effect that boosts your metabolism.

  • HIIT
    High-Intensity Interval Training is an effective workout method for fat loss. In HIIT you alternate between periods of both high and low intensity.
    Research has shown that you can make progress faster  and burn more calories with just 15 minutes of HIIT training than, for example, a one hour jog.
    You can also try doing sprint HIIT, which is one of the most effective ways to transform your body in the least time.
    Tabata is a form of HIIT which takes only 4 minutes.
    It will be the longest 4 minutes you will ever endure!
    Tabata works like this: intense workout for 20 sec, rest for 10 sec, do 8 rounds. You can choose any exercises you like as long as they target a large muscle group.
    It is so short you can literally do it anytime.

    In this form of cardio, choose 8 to 10 exercises with minimum or no rest in between. You can spice it up with some jumping movements to additionally boost your heart rate. Give it a go with one of these 3 Extreme Fat Burning Workouts.

Remember: What you give is what you get. Cardio is an investment in your future goals, not merely a torture session. Healthy mindset means a happy life.

3. Ditch the “bad” fats

The worst type of fat are trans fats. They are  produced by hydrogenation used to turn healthy oils into solids. It also turns vegetable oils into not so healthy saturated fats. They contribute to insulin resistance, and even small amounts can be harmful to your health .
Trans fats can be found in many foods: fried (doughnuts,french fries), baked (pizza, cookies, etc.), margarin and other spreads.
You should always check the Food Nutrition Labels to see how much trans fats are in a certain type of food.

Do you want to speed up your fat loss? Eat more of “good” fats! They have many health benefits and will help you lose weight. Remember, they are high in calories, so don’t end up overeating.

  • CONSUME OMEGA 3 FATS - they reduce insulin levels.
    When the insulin levels are high, your body STORES fat instead of using it. We aim to avoid that, right?
    Consuming omega 3 fatty acids will lower your insulin levels and turn your body into a fat-burn machine.
    It will also help you prolong the feeling your stomach is full, making it easier to stay on track with your diet.
    OMEGA 3 SOURCES: Fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, herring), flaxseed, olives, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, etc.

  • CONSUME OMEGA 9 FATS - they are one of the healthiest types of fat.
    Omega 9 fats increase your "good" cholesterol and decrease "bad" cholesterol. They also have a positive impact on your immune system and help with digestive difficulties which can often occur during the fat loss period.
    OMEGA 9 SOURCES: Nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts), peanut butter, olives, olive oil, avocado, etc.

Remember: all Omega 9 rich foods are best consumed uncooked.

Don’t give up!

It is sometimes hard to stay on track when progress seems slow, and usually it is slower than we have expected.

The trick is to stay determined even when it seems it’s for nothing. We have all been there, but only the ones who don't give up succeed.
Next time you are thinking of quitting, remember that if you give up now,  you’ll have to start all over again later.
Keep pushing your limits, because you are one badass human.

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