How To Eat Burgers And Look Like A Ripped Mdfk

'Muscle Lifestyle' - Find out how to train, eat and think to get shredded and enjoy life at the same time.

July 12, 2016
How To Eat Burgers And Look Like A Ripped Mdfk

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If you think that looking attractive, lean and muscular requires a lifestyle of restriction and suffering - you are wrong.

How can you look great without living a “boring fitness lifestyle”?

Start living the ‘muscle lifestyle’

'Muscle lifestyle’ makes it easy to look good while enjoying life to the fullest. What's that like?

There are 3 key things:

  1. Training – Build muscle and challenge your body
  2. Nutrition – Listen to your personality
  3. Mindset – See the new opportunities

1. Training

Training just to burn calories is not exciting enough to keep you motivated long term. Focus on this instead (and you'll burn even more):

  • Look for challenges. Train like a warrior and you will start to feel like a warrior. That's what will make you stay dedicated. The feeling is addictive.
  • Focus on building muscle. The more your body is made of muscle, and not fat, the more energy it burns and the easier it becomes to keep looking good.
  • Don't skip legs and cardio. Legs are the biggest muscle group in your body and training them helps you boost testosterone to build more muscle. It also helps you keep extra fat off, just like intense cardio.

For more training info check the links on the bottom of the blog.

2. Nutrition

Your eating habits determine how your body looks. Don't follow someone else's plan, all you have to do is create smart habits that go well with your personality.

What's your personality?

Carb enthusiast. Soft warm bread means the world to you. All right, learn the difference between low carb and high carb foods and just make sure that you don't always eat the same type of meals. All is explained in the Nutrition Guide in Madbarz Premium.

Gourmet perfectionist. You love to cook and you could never compromise the taste of your food just to look better. Get used to the right portion sizes and you'll never have to worry again. Learn more in the Nutrition Guide in Madbarz Premium.

Lover of the extremes. Feeling free to indulge without any limits is very important to you. Fine, go ahead, all you have to do is embrace the other extreme as well - train like a maniac and don't be afraid of skipping meals from time to time.

3. Mindset

Did you ever think like this:

  • “I’m just too lazy to stay dedicated, even when I start I never stay on track.”
  • “Working out is boring, it’s like an extra chore you have to do 3 times a week.”
  • “If I want to look lean I have to give up the stuff that I enjoy the most, like my favorite meals. It’s not worth it.”

These kind of “passive” thoughts make it so hard to get lean. They keep you stuck in the same place.

Here is what the real lean lifestyle mindset is all about:

  • “Looking and feeling sexy makes me more confident. I'll be to creating new opportunities, instead of waiting for something to happen.”
  • “Workouts fill me with extra energy. I’m more productive and successful. Even when I felel lazy, being passive is just not worth going back to.”
  • “I enjoy food but I also enjoy looking good. Also, eating a light lunch makes me feel better all day. Sweets taste better when I don’t eat them too often. And when I skip dinner from time to time, my abs looks amazing in the morning.”


Eating burgers is fun. Just like setting your new personal record in a hardcore workout routine. Or looking great in your new clothes. Why not have it all? Focus and the benefits of an active lifestyle and soon you won't be able to go back. Once you see the first results it becomes addictive.

Here are great workout challenges you can try:

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'Fast 500' challenge

Yolo - Overload workout routine

And if you have trouble gaining muscle, check out the muscle building tips for hardgainers.

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  • Federico Medina 1.002 workouts (level 198)
    This is a very useful article. Mindset means everything for those who train seriously. Without proper mindset, mid and long term is not possible. Thanks #Madbarz for your tips! July 16, 2016

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