The Foods That You Mistake As Healthy

Check this list to make sure you are not making big mistakes in your nutrition. Get tips what to eat instead!

June 24, 2016
The Foods That You Mistake As Healthy

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Want a better looking, healthier body? It's all about your nutrition habits.

That's why we created a list of common foods that people mistake as healthy, with explanations and tips on what to choose instead:

Low fat products

Fat does not make you fat. Eating too much of something (fat or not) is what makes you fat. Most low fat products have extra sugar, which only makes you crave more.

Better choice: Between two similar products, take a full fat product without added sugar. It will keep you full longer.

Fruit juice

Buying liquids that taste like fruit is not the same thing as eating fruit. It's like drinking sugar.

Better choice: Press fresh fruit juice at home or just eat a whole fruit. That way you get more nutrients and no added sugar.

How much fruit is okay to eat if you want to get ripped? Get a full Nutrition Guide for your goal - recipes and guidelines answer your questions and make transformation easier. Nutrition Guide is available in the Madbarz Premium, along with home workout plans!

Salads with high calorie dressing

No wonder people like a fancy salad dressing, it's full of flavouring, sugar and fat. And probably has a lot of croutons, too. So in the end you're not actually eating a salad, it's more like a sandwich.

Better choice: Use simple seasoning like olive oil and balsamic vinegar to spice up your vegetables. You will get used to it and also discover new flavours.

Flavoured yogurt

The "high protein", "low fat", "low calorie" yogurts with chocolate, strawberry and such flavours are mostly full of sugar. Any product with more than 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams should go among the sweets, not the "fitness" department.

Better option: Add unsweetened cocoa powder, frozen berries or just coconut flakes to plain greek yogurt and you get a heavenly treat without a sugar rush.


There's a big difference between the store-bought and homemade granola. Most store bought granola's are sugary energy bombs, not a healthy breakfast choice.

Better option: Homemade granola. Mix some nuts, rolled oats, cocoa powder and a healthy oil like coconut or olive oil. Recipe is included in the Nutrition Guide, as part of Madbarz Premium.

Dried cranberries

Have you ever tasted unsweetened cranberry juice? It takes a lot of sugar to make cranberries as tasty as the dried ones in the store. Always check the labels of dried fruit. It's much sweeter than you think.

Better option: Fresh or frozen mixed berries have a gentler taste and provide a great addition to any breakfast without the need to add extra sugar.

Banana chips

Banana chips is more like chips than like banana. Most of those found in the store are actually fried just as potato chips. It's a fat and sugar bomb.

Better option: Raw banana fruit or banana slices dried in the oven at home, if you really want it so badly :)

Sports drinks and "vitamin" water

If you are a professional athlete then you might benefit from some kind of special liquid mixtures. But for regular people looking to get fit a glass of water is just fine, and it saves you a lot of sugar. And money.

Better option: Just water. If you need some taste, put a couple of orange slices and fresh mint leaves inside your bottle, it works wonders.

Whole grain versions of junk food

Whole grain pasta, pizza, tortilla or burger is not a different meal than a regular tortilla, burger pizza or pasta. They look different, but the calories and the effect on your metabolism are more similar than you think.

Better option: 100% whole grain flour products are a good choice, but a bit harder to find. Just remember: if you're cutting on carbs, then cut on carbs. Don't pretend whole grain has less carbs.

Healthy snack bars

A simple rule is valid for most of things in life - if it's to good to be true, it's probably not true. The same goes for snack bars advertised as healthy - if they don't taste like a weird sour mixture of fruits then they are probably full of sugar or fat.

Better option: Raw food snack bars without added sugar, or just a bit of nuts with a piece of fruit if you need an energy boost.

Instant oatmeal

Again, just an advertising trick for the lazy ones. Flavourings, sugar and who know what are added to make instant cereal taste great, even addictive.

Better option: Rolled oats soaked in water or milk overnight in the fridge with a bit of taste that you prefer - fruit, nuts, cocoa...Fast, simple, tasty, healthy.


Any food can be unhealthy if you eat too much and no food will make you fat if you eat a little bit. But if you're looking to get in shape think twice about buying these "healthy" foods, don't blindly trust their advertising tricks. There's no magic trick, read the labels and remember, balance is the key. Get a full Nutrition Guide in Madbarz Premium, it will answer all your questions and put you on the right track.

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