Lower chest workout at home

Do you want to build your lower chest at home? Find out how!

October 21, 2019
Lower chest workout at home

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Today we break down the basics of training for one of the most stubborn parts of the anatomy, the lower chest

The so-called abdominal head (lower chest) of the chest muscle is often overlooked and rarely mentioned in literature. This, in turn, leads to neglecting this part of the muscle in your routine and finally to underdeveloped chest muscles.

Continue reading to learn what potentially could be a game-changer in your chest workout routine.

How can I build my lower chest without weights?

Te picture is divededn in two parts. Left, there is a  ripped man, torso naked, a lower chest muscle area highlighted. Right, there is a title: How to build lower chest without weights?

Building muscle with bodyweight exercises is often the preferred method for its various benefits. Your body is not selective when it comes to resistance; it reacts to any kind, whether you are using weights, a bottle of water, or your own body to create that resistance.

So, choosing the right exercises with the right intensity allows you to eliminate the weights from your routine. 

What type of push ups build lower chest?

A ripped man, torso naked, facing the camera front. He is standing in a push up hodl position - he is parallel to the floor, his toes and palms are on the floor, arms bent in 90-deree angle, so his body is about 20cm elevated off the floor.

Although the chest muscle works as one compact unit, it is composed of 3 separate parts, the upper, middle, and lower chest. These units can’t be trained separately, but by modifying the position of the body and hands, you choose which part of the muscle gets the most action. 

One study showed that both the middle and lower chest are activated much better during a horizontal bench press exercise, than during the bench press with a 44-degree incline. The same principle applies to bodyweight exercises.

Knowing the direction of the muscle fibers and modifying the hand/body position during push ups unlocks the secret of how to train the lower chest.

Lower chest exercises

A ripped man, torso naked, facing the camera with his left side. He is standing in a push up hodl position - he is parallel to the floor, his toes and palms are on the floor, arms bent in 90-deree angle, so his body is about 20cm elevated off the floor.

Now it’s time to start picking the right tool for the job. Here is a list of top 5 exercises that require no equipment, or just a slight home modification. The exercises are listed from the least demanding to most demanding.

  1. Incline Push up: By using an elevated stable surface, the body is in a more vertical position than in a standard push up. Research shows that this modification will decrease the total body mass being lifted to 40-50% as compared to the standard push up in which you are lifting 64% of your total body mass. It will also decrease the angle between the upper arm and torso, making it a perfect exercise for hitting the lower chest.

  1. Pseudo push up: Often called planche push ups because the position of the hands and body resembles the full static planche hold. These push ups require your hands to be closer to the hips beneath the lower chest level. This makes your lower chest, as well as front shoulders, work extra hard during the movement.

  1. Hindu push up: Not targeting the lower chest exclusively, this exercise is a 3 in one. Your whole chest, shoulders, and triceps are in the spotlight, making it very challenging but very effective in building an all-around complete upper body.  

  1. Dips: Usually done on parallel bars, the dips are more challenging than the previous exercises on the list. To target the lower chest, it’s important to have a slight lean forward. However, leaning too much can place more demand on your front shoulder and middle chest. Dips can be modified to do at home by using two stable chairs or any kind of stable elevated surface. 

  1. Single bar dips: It may prove to be a little more difficult to find a home modification; however, this exercise takes the same principle of a regular dip and puts a useful twist on it. The backward-facing hands allow the shoulders to rotate inward and elbows to flare out, creating more tension in the lower chest area.

How can I work out my lower chest at home?

A ripped man, torso naked, facing the camera front, standin in a pike push up or downward facing dog position. His feet and palm are touching the floor, his hips are elevated from the floor so his body is formin an upside down letter V. He is in a living room of a modern apartment, no the mat, and his cellphone is lying next to him.

One of the main benefits of bodyweight training is that you can do it anywhere, with no special set up or equipment. Keep in mind that certain necessary modifications need to be made when doing the exercises at home. However, your furniture can often prove to be enough equipment for a quality workout. 

Instead of parallel bars just use any kind of elevated surface, such as: a couple of chairs when doing dips, a table when doing single bar dips, or a sofa or chair when doing incline push ups. 

Once you master the basic modifications, you can start to get real creative.

Workout routine for lower chest

Are you ready to put theory into practice?  A simple and effective approach is to use the Madbarz workout creator and do these 3 workouts that target the lower chest as well as strengthen the upper body for future progress. The workouts range from beginner to advanced and include exercises to target the lower chest and triceps. 


Training stubborn parts of the anatomy can prove to be a challenge, but with persistence, right methods, and slight modifications of familiar exercises, your training just might make a positive turn.

Train the chest as a whole unit and at the same time focus on activating all 3 areas of the muscle to build an aesthetic and muscular upper body.

If you want a workout plan that will target your chest, check out Madbarz’s workout plans Arms&Chest and Alpha Chest. These plans follow the principles of training explained in this article and are part of Madbarz Premium.

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