How I Got Ripped: Antun's Transformation Story

Personal story & tips to build lean muscle mass at home with calisthenics.

February 14, 2016
How I Got Ripped: Antun's Transformation Story

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Can you build lean muscle mass at home?

Meet Antun, a Madbarz Athlete that built the body he's proud of - without gym or supplements.

Antun shares his transformation story to help you reach your goals.

The start

„When I first began I wasn't motivated enough. I paied no attention to my form during exercise. It was all until I realized I have a choice... to get serious or keep wasting time.“

2 years ago Antun decided to start training for real. He weighed only 68 kg (150 lbs).

I wanted to look better and gain quality mass, not fat

„It was extremely hard to stay dedicated. But I never quit. I had trainings longer than 1 hour almost every day.

Madbarz workouts helped me never get bored.

I used the Madbarz app to switch up routines and create efficient custom workouts. I recommend the app to anyone who is looking to start his transformation.“ Antun successfully put on 10 kg (22 lbs) of lean muscle.

Madbarz lets you create custom workouts. Expand your app to save unlimited workouts with Madbarz Premium.

Life changing exercise

Seeing progress made Antun push harder. But it was one exercise in particular that motivated him. The Muscle Up (learn how to do it here.)

Progress gave me a new feeling of motivation

„It was a while before I could even try to do a Muscle Up. I trained a lot and finally made it. That was the best moment of my transformation.

I realized I had reached a new level. Suddenly I could do other advanced moves almost effortlessly. Back lever, human flag... it all started to feel natural to me.“

New lifestyle

What about nutrition?

„No junk food, lots of milk products and eggs. Around 100 grams of protein per day. And of course, lots of carbs to give me energy. It's almost impossible for me to gain fat, I train like crazy so that all food goes to my muscle.“

His body is a reflection of his new lifestyle.

I look better and feel stronger than ever in my life. This is what I dreamed off when I started, but I'm still pushing to break my limits.“ Check out his Facebook here.

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    Congrats!!! March 22, 2016
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    Well done Antun!!! Keep on your good work! February 23, 2016
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    Could you please link the transformators so that we can see their workout-routines? This would be very epic! 😍👌 February 17, 2016

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