3 Reasons Why Tracking Your Workouts Is important

3 Reasons Why Tracking Your Workouts Is important

November 16, 2015 | Photo credits: Madbarz

The ones who track, never slack.

Your workout is a real training session only if you have specific goals, a planned vision of progress and a way to measure your results.

Tracking revolutionizes your transformation process before, during and after your workouts. It makes you:

  • set real challenges and get new motivation
  • stop wasting time and be more efficient
  • understand stagnation and turn it into progress

1. Tracking for motivation and plans

Look forward to the challenge

People who track their results are in general much less lazy about their workouts and don't see doing workouts as something dreadful and boring.

Don't just train, hunt your records.

Why is that so? It's easy to get excited about your next training when you know exactly what will challenge you.

Grow faster

Tracking results provides a practical way to focus on your weakest spots and create a plan based on attacking them. Exercising based on what you feel like at the moment can be fun, but it can't be your main training method.

Why is that so? It's easy to overtrain the same muscles just because you like certain exercises or routines and do them all the time. Avoid it with a varied plan by customizing the timing and the order of exercises.

Are you lost in too much information about planning workouts for different muscles? Workout plans for building muscle at home without equipment are available in the Madbarz Premium.

2. Tracking means focus and discipline

CONTROL your pauses

Pauses matter almost as much as the time of actually doing the exercises. Don't miss the desired effects of your workout by making your pauses too long or too short.

20 seconds is not as long as you MIGHT think.

How to do it right?

Track your pauses with a stopwatch. That way you avoid chatting around, taking too many sips of water and other pastimes.

Timing pauses can be easy! Create workouts or use free workout routines with integrated pauses in the Madbarz App for iOS and Android.

Do your work

Trying to remember the reps, writing them down and then grinding every and each one of them can be such a drag. But you have to stick to the plan if you want progress.

How to do it right? An app that tracks your workouts expects you to do the prescribed reps. It's like a coach and a training partner at the same time, creating a mental boost that pushes you to finish every set as planned, and even add extra reps.

3. Tracking summarizes progress

See your progress

Common knowledge says it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body change and 8 weeks for everyone else around you to notice the same.

Why wait to see your body change? Tracking workouts enables you to see progress each day and gives you the motivation to push day after day.

Understand your stagnation.

A regular check up on your progress enables you to see patterns of stagnation. There's no need to worry if you don't progress all the time.

Don't give up if it starts to seem like your workouts have no effect.

What about plateauing?

Reaching a plateau is a normal part of training process.

Tracking shows you where your limits are so you can break them.

Switch up your schedule and exercises, shock your muscles, bring variety into your workouts. It will give you new motivation and challenge, which brings us back to nr. 1.

Other tips to help you progress:

Eat for gains

Don't lose strength when you're cutting weight

Growth hormone is released during sleep

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