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Success Stories • May 03, 2016

How I Transformed At Home - Weekly Workouts

See how to train if you want to achieve all goals - lose fat, get stronger and get ripped.

How I Transformed At Home - Weekly Workouts

Want to lose fat?

And get stronger?

And get ripped?

Giscard wanted all of that, without gym or supplements. He divided his transformation in 3 phases and got amazing results.

Lose fat

In the first 3 months Giscard used the Madbarz app for this simple weekly split:

  • 3 days Madbarz cardio routines (Fat removal, Insane Cardio...)
  • 2 days bodyweight Madbarz routines (one upper body, one lower body)
  • 2 days rest

As he lost 8 kg of fat and got in a better physical condition he moved on the the next phase - get stronger.

Get stronger

To gain strength in the next 3 months Giscard did the following:

  • changed his weekly split to 3 bodyweight strength and 2 cardio workouts per week
  • focused on quality of his reps and worktous, not quantity
  • created custom Madbarz routines for upper and lower body to ensure that his muscles never get used to the same work

The effect was visible – stronger and leaner. It was time for the final phase – get ripped.

Madbarz lets you create your own custom workouts or use ready home workout plans without equipement! Expand your app to save unlimited workouts with Madbarz Premium.

Get ripped

Last phase was all about training specific muscle groups. One day each – chest, back, legs, shoulder, arms + extra abs every other day.

    Here the important tips:

    • include 1 - 2 rest days every week to recover
    • train for at least 30 min, aim for 45 min
    • create a short full body routine for days when you can't do a regular training - 15 min is better than nothing, consistency is key

    Nutrition and lifestyle change

    Giscard completely cut out sugar in his first phase. Why? Here's what happen when you stop eating sugar.

    For the easiest way to get results in your kitchen, check out the Nutrition Guide.

    I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don't

    No matter what you change, dedication is the key to success.

    This powerful quote motivated Giscard to stay dedicated. Find your own motivation and make yourself proud!

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    • Jose Perez 85 workouts (level 44)
      Hi Giscard. What about your diet? May 01, 2018
    • dark X 34 workouts (level 8)
      Plz .can i know your upperbody & lowerbody and core routine? June 20, 2017
    • Giscard Matar 371 workouts (level 83)
      Hey @michael.jong sorry for the late reply. Some of my routines are taken from madbarz app itself. I started with the madbarz routine and then when i became stronger and more knowledgeable i created my own. U can start with madbarz routines just keep in mind to do upper body/ cardio/ lower body/ core / upper body. A wide variety so u can mix. Let me know if u need more help. March 05, 2017
    • michael Rev 19 workouts (level 6)
      @giscardmatar could you give me some workiuts. How you started December 18, 2016
    • Giscard Matar 371 workouts (level 83)
      Hey @nitesh wish you all the best, and good luck, most important stay motivated. October 03, 2016