4 Exercises For Bigger Biceps

June 18, 2015
4 Exercises For Bigger Biceps

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Want to build those awesome big biceps? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place! We've narrowed it down to top 4 exercise variations for your most impressive result!

Check out the 1 minute video guide and read the details below!


The chin up is one of the best bicep exercises out there

To get the most out of your chin ups, you want to focus on the negative part of the exercise and perform it slowly and deliberately. Negative chin ups are the part of the movement where you lower body and your muscles stretch (as opposed to the part where you lift yourself up to the bar and your muscles contract). You can do this by putting a stool or any object stable enough to stand on below the bar, so that you can easily jump up, lift your chin above the bar, and slowly lower yourself from there. If you don't have anything to stand on you can just jump on the bar and pull yourself up.

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This is why negative chin ups are good

This is the most efficient way to get best results

Each time you exercise you put strain on your muscles that causes microscopic tears within the muscle fibers. The process of recovery gives your body a chance to heal those tears and let muscles grow so they would be ready to put up with that kind of strain later.

Slower movements put more strain on your muscles, they also lead to greater muscle growth. Make sure you maintain a proper form throughout the exercise and adapt the exercise to your fitness level to avoid injury. Don't forget that nutrition is an essential component of muscle building! Get a muscle building Nutrition Guide as part of Madbarz Premium.


Pull us are done with a wider, overhand grip so they work your biceps a little less than chin ups. For this reason, it's recommended that you do the commando pull ups where you do an overhand grip with one hand and underhand grip with the other. Be careful to do an equal number of reps while alternating the underhand and overhand grip between hands to avoid uneven muscle development.

Again, try and focus on the downward portion of the movement, performing it slowly, for best results. As with chin ups, stepping up onto a box or a stool will help you do this.


This is one of the best bodyweight pulling exercises

The inclined pull up is a great exercise because it works the biceps and allows you to easily adjust it to your fitness level, by lifting or lowering the bar level or the height at which you position your feet. In addition to this, it puts no stress on your lower back so it's a great alternative to some of the other exercises out there (just make sure you keep proper form throughout the movement!). If you don't have a bar close by, you can use the edge of a table to support yourself, as long as it doesn't move and is secure enough to support your weight without breaking.


Head banger pull ups are an unusual exercise that does wonders for your biceps. It will help you develop your strength and endurance. Before you go to the head banger pull ups, be sure you can perform 10 flawless chin ups.

Grip the bar as if you are about to do the chin up because the chin up grip will work your biceps the most.

Pull yourself up until your arms form a 90 degree angle. Holding this position swing your body back and forward as if you want to bang your forehead on the bar. An example video can be found here. The key is to do the exercise in an explosive manner.

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  • freeranger 499 workouts (level 87)
    Headbangers are very effective. They hit the fast twitch muscle fibers and you get a great pump. Listen to some Overkill or Anthrax while headbanging\../ August 20, 2016
  • Hector Alejandro 106 workouts (level 28)
    anybody know where to find that pull up bar they're using on the video? August 10, 2016
  • Andre Loureiro 56 workouts (level 17)
    I could not find 3 out of the 4 exercises listed here, to create and track a biceps workout at the app :( February 12, 2016
  • skygate 0 workouts (level 1)
    Great! January 10, 2016

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