Why Clap Push Ups Maximize Your Chest Growth And How To Do Them

Find out what are the benefits of Clap Push Ups and how to do them right. Beginner tips included.

April 20, 2017
Why Clap Push Ups Maximize Your Chest Growth And How To Do Them

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Clap Push Ups require maximum power and speed. Not everyone can do them at first, but they are worth practising. If you do them right you can expect a killer chest burn from engaging extra muscle fibers.

Benefits of Clap Push Ups

Targets a special type of muscle fiber - the "fast twitch" fibers. By using more muscle fibers you maximize the workout effect on the growth of your chest muscles.

Builds functional explosiveness of the upper body - great for martial arts, basketball, volleyball... it can even increase your Bench Press numbers!

How to use Clap Push Ups for bigger chest?

Mix in some Clap Push Ups in your chest workouts every once in a while (not everyday). It's best to do them at the beginning of your workout when you are still fresh. There's no need to do more than 5 - 8 reps per set. Your goal is to keep trying to push higher and faster, not just do extra sloppy reps.

Are Clap Push Ups bad for you?

Any explosive and jumping exercise puts lots of stress on your joints. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. But you need to be well prepared for it. Always take the time to warm up your shoulders and wrists to make sure you don't risk injury.

This is not an exercise for beginners. You need a solid base of strength and skill before you attempt to do this.

When are you ready to do them?

There's no exact rule. But if you can do 25 - 30 regular Push Ups in a row with perfect form you can move on to Clap Push Ups. The right form, as well as practice tips are explained below.

Clap Push Up Form

  1. Starting position is the same as for regular Push Ups. Place your hands shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Your feet should be closer than shoulder-width. Otherwise you risk using your legs to push up and reduce the work of your chest.
  2. Slowly lower yourself to the ground, making sure your elbows don't flare out and your back and core are tight. Use the 3:1 ratio as a guide - lower yourself 3 times slower than you push. This way you take the time to properly load the tension before pushing.
  3. Push yourself up as explosively as you can. First from the "heel" of your hand, then finally press from the fingers. The push should come from your upper body - do not raise your hips to create momentum - keep body straight!
  4. Before landing, clap your hands. Keep control and land exactly in the same position as you started. Landing is very important - land softly and never on extended arms.

How to practice for your first Clap Push Up

  • Do Plyometric Push Ups without a clap - Just push yourself up explosively and quickly lift your hands. As a progression, when in air move your hands towards each other, just until they touch. It will help you get faster and give you chance to practice soft landing and return.
  • Practice with your hands on an elevated surface - It will make the move much easier. Although it won't build strength, it will give you the confidence you need to try it on a flat surface. You can even use the stairs, slowly reducing the incline until you are ready for the floor.
  • Practice on a soft surface or with a thin pillow underneath your face. You don't want to hurt your pretty face, right?


Take your time to learn Clap Push Ups, don't jump right in if you are a beginner. Once you can do them with right form use them in your chest workouts for extra muscle fiber activation, more growth potential and a killer burn. Workout plans for building muscle at home without equipment are available in the Madbarz Premium.

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