The Real Way To Get The Perfect Summer Body

What’s the best way to get a summer body? A low-calorie diet combined with muscle building workouts can help you burn fat and lean out before the beaches open for the season.

April 12, 2019
The Real Way To Get The Perfect Summer Body

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Beach season is just around the corner! Are you thinking about building that perfect summer body in time for the season? If you aren’t rocking a lean and trim physique, it’s not too late. A low-calorie diet combined with the ideal muscle building workouts can help you burn fat and lean out before the beaches open for the season.

Summer Body Nutrition - The Key To Getting Lean

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Building the perfect summer body starts with nutrition. Keep in mind, getting lean has much more to do with your nutrition than your training style. Your body is not going to change until you get your nutrition right. Try the following tips and tricks to get lean this summer:

Learn portion control

Every meal should contain a portion of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. For example, a perfect lunch would be one chicken breast with a half cup of brown rice and mixed vegetables tossed in olive oil. If you’re looking for more on macronutrients, portion control and how to eat your way to getting ripped, you need to check out the Ultimate Six Pack Guide, where we go in depth on the importance of nutrition.

Snack smart

We often make poor nutritional choices when we are hungry. Pack a healthy snack and take it with you throughout the day. Whey protein shakes, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, and protein bars are all great fat-burning options that will keep you satiated.

Try intermittent fasting

Abstaining from food for 16 hours each day with an 8-hour feeding window has been shown to scorch fat and support cardiovascular health. Check out our blog if you want to understand the basics of what intermittent fasting is and how you can use it to achieve a summer body.

Supplement your diet

Consider complementing your diet with a thermogenic or fat-burning supplement. Some of the best fat-burning ingredients are theobromine, L-carnitine, red pepper extract, and green tea extract. Remember, no supplement can make up for a bad diet. Perfect your diet and then consider using a fat-burning supplement to help you.

Focus on whole foods

Skip the processed options, and focus on whole food meals. This means choosing foods that are nutrient rich and from natural sources, such as vegetables, fruits and nuts, and eggs. You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to cook! Check out Madbarz Premium for more than 65 recipes that are easy to make and packed with proper nutrition, helping you eat your way to that lean summer body.

Arguably, the best way to achieve your Summer body goals is to focus on your diet, first. Without the proper nutrition and calorie intake, that Summer body won’t arrive until next Winter! Take care of your diet first, and then we can move onto the fun stuff - workouts that will make you sweat in all the right places.

Summer Body Workouts 

Man in fully extended push up position, left leg raised, left knee reaching for rigth elbow

The best compliment to a low-calorie diet is a fat-burning workout that is focused on toning and defining muscle mass. After all, if your Summer body diet is aiding you to lose weight, without training you will also lose muscle mass. We recommend using an upper body and lower body split that include dynamic and full body exercises. This works the full body, and builds muscle on top of burning calories and losing weight. Try Quad Boost and Upper Body Torture, two workouts that you can find on the Madbarz app. Each workout will burn up to 400 calories in only 20 minutes! Best of all, no equipment is needed.

Alternate each workout, giving yourself a day of rest afterward. For example, perform Quad Boost on Monday and Thursday, and Upper Body Torture on Tuesday and Friday. Your rest days would be Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Quad Boost: 4 rounds of

20x squats

60-sec jumping lunges

12x alternating lunges

15x squat jumps

40-sec wall sit

30-sec rest between exercises, 90-sec rest between rounds.

Upper Body Torture: 4 rounds of

12x chin-ups

10x close grip pull ups

10x L-sit chin-ups

8x wide grip pull-ups

10 negative chin-ups

25-sec rest between exercises, 60-sec rest between rounds

Maybe you aren’t feeling up to these two workouts, and that’s why we created this blog on the best bodyweight exercises for each muscle. That way, you know exactly which exercises to do to work each specific muscle group. Don’t forget that you can create your own workouts within the Madbarz app and share them with our community once you perfect your summer body routine! 

At the end of the day, so long as you stick to these nutrition guidelines and commit to your workout regimen, you will see the changes in your body in time for Summer. Better yet, if you decide to try Madbarz Premium, you’ll have access to workout plans that will structure your workout and ensure you’ll have a better physique in no time!

Are You Trying to Build a Summer Body?

Man without shirt, fleksing abdominal and hand muscle

The best way to have a summer body is to never lose it; fitness is a lifestyle after all, and expecting yourself to transform completely in just a few months before summer can sometimes be unrealistic. Instead, you should be training and working towards your ideal body throughout the year, so that when Summer rolls around, you’re ready to buckle down and really get ripped. Follow these nutrition tips and workout tricks, you can achieve your ideal physique, maintain it and show it off no matter the time of year

What has been your biggest challenge? Any tricks that you’ve used to get that lean and sexy physique? Let us know in the comments below.

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