2 Madbarz Routines That Will Get You a Ripped Body

Find out what Madbarz routines will make you ripped in no time.

April 05, 2019
2 Madbarz Routines That Will Get You a Ripped Body

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Madbarz strives to create challenging routines that deliver results. When you read the title of this article, you’re probably thinking, “They only have two routines that will get me a ripped body?” Nah, we have plenty! We have so many effective workouts in the Madbarz App, in fact, that it might be hard to decide where to begin.

That’s why we are here to help provide you with a good starting point. The two routines that we are going to be introducing you to will help you shed fat, build strong muscles, and leave you with that good painful feeling you get after you’ve just completed a great workout. Ah, we love that feeling. Don’t you?

Let’s get started. Drumroll, please…

Full Body Beast Mode

Time: 37 minutes
Exercises: 6 exercises for 7 rounds, 30 seconds between exercises

This workout is mostly strength but a little bit of cardiovascular, especially when you add some speed to your workout. The best way to do this is with explosive movement.

The first exercise is a Bulgarian split squat. Perform Bulgarian split squat with one leg elevated behind you. You can use a chair, a bench, or a workout box if you have it. The stabilizing leg needs to be far enough out in front to be able to bend the knee without going farther than your toes. One round is 5 reps on each side, completing one side before switching. This number can be changed to a higher or lower number to fit your fitness level. You can also add a hop to the squat if you want a real challenge.

The next exercise in this workout is a decline push up. With the same box, chair, or bench that you used for the Bulgarian split squat, place your feet on the box in a push up position. This push up is one of the most challenging push up variation since gravity makes your body heavier to your pecs. One round is 8 pushups, but again, you can change this number to best suit you.

Next, you have lying leg raises. Finally, a bit of a rest! Keeping your core engaged throughout the entire exercise, lie down on your back with your hands at your sides. Lift your legs off the floor until they are perpendicular to the ground, keeping them straight throughout the movement. In this workout, you will feel the burn specifically on your abs, as that is the focus of this exercise. One round is 8 reps.

The chair dips are next on the list. Again, using a chair, bench, or box, sit with your arms gripping the side of the platform. Push your butt off and in front of the platform with your legs bent. Hinging on the elbows, lower your butt towards the floor and push back up with your arms until you are chair height. One round is 12 reps.  

The next two exercises are 10 push ups followed by a 25-sec plank. Once one round is complete, rest 90 seconds and repeat 7 times. Let us know how your body feels the next day. We’ll bet it’s good and painful.

Avenger’s Full Body

Time: 19 minutes
Moves: 6 exercises for 3 rounds, 30 seconds between exercises

This workout is quite a bit quicker and a little more cardiovascular, giving you not only a full body strength workout but a fat burning one as well.

The first exercise is the wide pull ups. Pull up bar is required for this exercise, of course. Your grip should be a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. The focus is on the latissimus dorsi muscles more than a regular pull up since it is the more challenging version of a pull up. One round is 6 reps. You may not be able to start out doing 6; once you reach your limit, you can move on.

The next exercise is dips. Do this exercise on parallel bars. Gripping the bars on either side of your body, push your body up off the floor. Make sure to lean forward before you dip back down, hinging at the elbows and keeping your arms in towards the body. Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle and push back up. One round is 8 reps.

Pistol squats come next. Perform this move with one leg extended out in front of you during the entire squat, with the stabilizing leg doing all the work. Because this exercise is not easy, all you have to perform is one on each leg per round.

Next up, the clapping push-ups. Essentially, you decline in a push up position and explode up off the floor, clap your hands together and return your hands to catch you before your face hits the ground. Five of these counts as one round.

Using the pull up bar again for the next exercise, which is an L-sit chin up, grab the pull up bar with your palms facing you and do a chin up with your hips hinged holding your legs straight out in front of you. One round is 5 reps. This extra challenge of keeping your legs out during the chin up engages your core.

Last but not least, you have your calf raises. You’ll need a short step or ledge to place your foot on. Push your body up with your toes until your heel is off the floor and you are on the tip of your toes. Hold for a second and release. One round is 12 on each leg.

Once you complete the round, rest for 90 seconds and repeat 3 times to complete this workout.

Ready To Feel The Burn

These two workouts are guaranteed to activate your muscles & set you towards getting ripped. They also work your entire body and can be done under an hour. Don’t forget that you can change the reps per exercise, rest between exercises, and rest between rounds on the Madbarz app to tailor each workout to you. You can change the rest by tapping on the pencil next to the numbers and the number of reps by tapping the name of the exercise.

Find both mentioned workouts in the Madbarz app. Don’t see a workout that fits your individual needs? No worries! You can create your workout within the Madbarz app, customizing which exercises to include, how many sets and repetitions, and even the rest in-between. Don’t want to go through the trouble? Madbarz Premium includes over 20 workout plans, lasting from 2 to 12 weeks, specialized for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced fitness enthusiasts. 

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