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Workouts • December 11, 2017

12-min body blast workout

You don't have time to workout today? Great, that means this short workout is perfect for you.

12-min body blast workout

Quick workouts can actually be beneficial. The sense of accomplishment after succeeding to squeeze in a workout when the day looks like absolute madness is actually quite motivating. If you do it before work, you will be more awake because the hormones of happiness are being released.

That is some Clark Kent tactics (who doesn’t like to feel like the Superman?).
The researches often show that short bursts of high intensity can be more efficient than a 45 minute low intensity session. Short workouts improve cardiovascular endurance and boost healthy hormones.

But you have to know, it is not going to be easy just because it’s a short workout. We have to make the most out of these 12 minutes, and we will.

You can do this workout on its own, when you don’t have the time, or at the end of some other Madbarz workout from the app, to make a brutal finish of your workout session. This workout is entirely body weight, so you don´t need any equipment to do it.

Do each exercise for 1 minute, with minimal rest between exercises.

You will do total of two rounds with 20-30 seconds rest after the round.
Of course, if you have the time and the power, do more rounds.

Do as many reps as you can in one minute. If you can beat the ''30 burpees in a minute'' goal, that is pretty awesome.

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