Try to survive this workout - The Bulgarian Beatdown

Try to survive this workout - The Bulgarian Beatdown

June 28, 2016 | Photo credits: Madbarz

New workout challenge is here to give you a biceps, legs and abs pump and help you grow these muscles. Can you do all six rounds?

How you can benefit

A full body challenge with the focus on legs - the biggest muscle group in your body. This amount of work boosts testosterone and helps you build more muscle. Also, as a single leg exercises, Bulgarian Split Squats give you a huge quad pump and train your stability at the same time.

Tested by people around the world

The challenge comes directly from the Madbarz workout community. Inspired by the workout called "Bulgarian Beatdown" created by user pump.cobra, that has been spreading around like a virus! The pump is addictive. Try it and see for yourself.

How to do it

Try to finish all six rounds, adjust the pauses if needed. Does it look to easy? Just add more reps, but don't burn out in the beginning, the challenge is to keep the same number of reps til the end.

Post your points and time in the comments below!

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