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Workouts • June 14, 2017

Push Up Challenge - Chest & Shoulders Workout

No equipment challenge you can do at home for upper body muscular strength and endurance.

Push Up Challenge - Chest & Shoulders Workout

The "Push Up Mountain" is a chest and shoulders challenge you can do without equipment. It has a combination of "climbing" Push Up variations - from parallel to vertical to the ground.


  • Improve upper body muscular strength & endurance
  • Activate muscles from different angles
  • Great pump for chest, shoulders, and arms

How to do it

  • Rest: 30 seconds between exercises and 90 seconds between rounds (or shorter)
  • Tempo: 3 sec down, 1 sec up for regular and Decline Push Ups. 2 sec down, 1 sec up for Pike and Decline Pike Push Ups
  • Reps: Adjust the number of reps so that you can do all with good form! For form instructions check out the exercises videos in Madbarz App

Where to find the workout

This challenge is a part of the Push Up Maniac Challenge available in the Madbarz App Premium workout plans. As a Premium user you can easily access it through the app.

The other option is to create the workout by yourself in the Madbarz App. You can save it for later use, too. Unlimited saved workout are available in the Madbarz Premium.

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