Try to survive this workout - The Muscle Burn

Full body strength challenge. Build muscle, switch your old routines.

February 09, 2016
Try to survive this workout - The Muscle Burn

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Progress is the result of accepting new challenges

Dear athletes, here's a little challenge for you:

Can you make it to the end of this workout?

Or you think it's easy ...and you dare to add more reps?

The workout is a full body challenge - for your muscles and your will power.

Muscle growth

The core of the workout is composed of strength exercises that will make your upper and lower body burn. You'll be spending a lot of time under tension. Endure it and boost your muscle building.

Muscle endurance

Endurance is the ability to overcome fatigue and you have to train it if you want to progress. Burpees are a great choice to increase muscular endurance.

Every cycle starts and ends with burpees. But no, it's not a cardio workout. And yes, it will give you a pump. That is, if you survive.

Ready? Or scared?

Before starting, turn up the volume of a song that makes you go crazy. You'll need it. If you need more space to save your workouts, get the Madbarz Premium.

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  • Maxence Renaud 375 workouts (level 0)
    Finished it in 53mn. This is a tough one, the burpees sets at the beginning and at the end of each set will test you. I added a push up in each burpee. Will do it again. March 25, 2016
  • onkel 876 workouts (level 199)
    1st try: 617 points in 00:45:49. Nice routine. Next time I want to add some reps and decrease time. February 22, 2016
  • kinsly.eshiet 35 workouts (level 17)
    Alwasy having this progressive headache any time i wanna do any cardio exercise like burpees February 18, 2016
  • madbarz 111 workouts (level 10)
    @baptgui Definitely add pull ups if you can, way to go! :) February 15, 2016
  • madbarz 111 workouts (level 10)
    @magathos Yes, include a push up in your burpees if y ou can. February 15, 2016

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