How I Get My Results: Torea Tepaki

Find out what the ultimate muscle building lifestyle looks like.

December 09, 2015
How I Get My Results: Torea Tepaki

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„I'm a result of what I repeatedly do.“ says Torea, a Madbarz athlete from New Zealeand.

Looking at his physique, don't you wish to know what is it that Torea repeatedly does? How often does he train? Is he eating clean?

Simply put, Torea is a nice guy, but he trains like a mad man. So if you're looking for an easy way to get results, this won't be the right solution for you.

In this article you can find out exactly:

  • how he trains – how many days per week, rest days, workouts...
  • what he eats – his #1 nutrition rule, favourite breakfast variations, eating habits...
  • the mindset that was crucial to make him pack on almost 20 kg of lean muscle

Training - Always sets, always basics, always form

Torea says he trains by the following rules:

Frequency: Minimum of 4 days per week. Some weeks every day. Consistency is the key. I do different types of workouts - some days I train „reps and sets“ for strength, other days I practice skill work like handstands.

Volume: 300-500 rep workouts with minimal rest for strength.

Duration: 45 minutes for „reps and sets“ workouts with minimal rest. When I train handstands or other statics: 1h 30 minutes of concentrated, focused, raw movement. Allowing time for my muscles to recover before next sets and reps.

Workout planning: I train whatever feels good on the day. I stick to a base workout for that muscle group and then I add a little something new at the end.

Madbarz: The app is my main source for base workouts, as the pre-made workouts on the app are perfectly made to target certain muscle groups. I take their workout however many times I want and then if I can still do more I use my imagination for a harder variation to expel the remaining energy.

My favourite Madbarz routine at the moment is "Pull It", it has good progression exercises and pull days are always the days you got to show true grit.

Rest: Regularly, allowing my muscle to recover. Some weeks I take 3 days off and rest, stretch and play around with mobility and flexibility work.

Muscle groups: For example, I train back 2-3 times a week at different angles to develop overall strength. So maybe I'll only do Pull Ups once a week if I also have lever days and other progression exercises that target my back. My routines are suited to my goals.

Finish: I always finish all my workouts with 5 - 10 minutes of core exercises. Core seems to be the fastest muscle group on me to recover so I train it almost every day – until fatigue and with minimal rest.

And my favourite.. Sprints. Three times a week. They give me power and size."

Challenge yourself today by modifying the free pre-made routines in your Madbarz app or creating your own. You can save unlimited workouts with the Madbarz Premium - home workout plans included!

Nutrition – I Cook Bro

Torea is straightforward. „Most of my muscle definition, and my six pack is due to clean eating.“ Clean eating doesn't mean dieting. Here's what clean eating means:

#1 rule: NO FAST FOOD. Because when I make the meal myself, instead of buying pre-packed food or junk, 9 times out of 10 my ingredients are most likely to be healthy ones.

Meal prep. Cooking ahead for a couple of days, or in the evening to prepare for tomorrow is one of my key habits. The hardest part isn't the preparation, it's not eating the meals right away when they're cooked. I like being prepared so that I can eat straight after my training!

You can find Torea's meals on Instagram, hashtag #icookbro

Breakfast everyday. Usually a bowl of rolled oats, low fat milk, cinnamon, and various fruit. Also, two glasses of water, multigrain toast with 100% peanut butter (I don't eat other spreads).

Snacks. Cashews, rasins and fruit and the odd protein shake. I drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Cheat days. I have no cheat days... I just have a lil bita chocolate or whatever on odd occasions.

Progress - Quality Over Quantity

Even if you start out good, you'll need a way to progress to keep getting results. Here's how Torea keeps growing muscle:

Freestyle training for special days only. 2 years ago, when I f*ckd up and did nothing but freestyle I lost a lot of strength and created little niggles and injuries. If you want to survive in this game, be about the "reps and sets". Freestyle is only good for expression sessions.

Practising advanced moves. I film my workout to see what went wrong. It's the perfect tool to help me progress. I've been self teaching myself for 3 years this way and I keep all my footage so that I can see what works and what doesn't. (Here's how you can achieve a Muscle Up.)

Keep challenging. You just gotta rep, when it gets too easy (because you're getting stronger) make it harder. Always keep it challenging, or it won't change you. And always work with proper form to gain maximum strength and avoid injury.

The Warrior Mindset

Muscle building is hard work. Finally, Torea's words tell you what it really takes:

„Train like your life depends on it, don't let go of bars til there is nothing in the tank, don't drop a knee till you can't possibly push one more push-up, train like there is a war tomorrow, train as if your about to take on a big boss man tomorrow. Treat yourself like a warrior, train yourself like an athlete and the actions you undertake shall show through your entire physique.“

And remember - He who conquers himself, is the mightiest warrior. (Confucius)

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  • harjb 101 workouts (level 20)
    Hi I don't eat meat ,fish or eggs any tips for food prep .. February 11, 2017
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    HI there just a quick opinion i workout 7days a week and it's been like 51days i only took 1 day off any recommendations for rest period especially for someone like me who wants to loose weight i work on cardio mostly and 3times strength I do get a lot of joint pains but my performance is not much effected I can still push but later on i feel pains is 6times a week OK? I have been thinking of cutting down workouts on sunday August 27, 2016
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    Or not over steaming them if that's what your doing, can tell by the colour that all the goodness is gone! December 17, 2015
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    Hey, have you always boiled the nutrients out of your vegetables? Maybe try just steaming them :) December 17, 2015
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    great article and good example. I'm just a starter but I will keep this in mind! :-) December 15, 2015

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