5 tips for best workout progress

5 tips for best workout progress

May 12, 2015 | Photo credits: Pixbay

Want a few tips for getting the best out of your workout which will lead to best workout progression? We’ve mentioned 5 tips that may spark your interest:


Start doing certain number of reps at a pace that’s challenging once this becomes comfortable get uncomfortable again. In order to make progress your body and muscles continuously need to be challenged. This is what it’s all about; you want continuous progression and improvement.


Don’t do what’s easy, do challenging stuff according to your fitness level because this is the only way you will make progress. You can’t do certain things for a reason and you need to address those weaknesses and work on them. This may not be the most fun thing to do but the award you get in the end is unparalleled. So push yourself and defy your own limitations!


The key is to increase your work capacity so that you do more reps with time

If you plan to do the same number of reps week after week be sure your results and progression will suffer. The body adapts to a certain routine after just a few weeks. And, well, you’ll get bored… The best way to start the progression is continuously increasing the number of reps with time. You can, for example, try going from a certain number of reps in one week and then increase the number of reps in the next week – you’ll know which suits you the best.


You can drastically change the intensity of a workout by slowing your movements down. When you slow down you force your muscles to be under tension for a longer time and this increases the overall difficulty of the exercise.


We’re sure you’ve heard this thousands of times before but we’ll mention it anyway because it’s important! You need to let your body recover and you need to pay attention to what you eat if you want to achieve the best results. Recovery and proper nutrition are crucial because your muscles don’t grow during training, instead your body begins to repair and muscles begin to grow only after you’ve finished with your workout and you’ve given your body the nutrients it needs. If you’re missing meals and your post-workout nutrition don’t be surprised if you don’t reach your goals as you’ve planned.

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