​Can't See Your Abs? Here's 6 Reasons Why

​Can't See Your Abs? Here's 6 Reasons Why

April 12, 2016 | Photo credits: Pexels, Madbarz

You train regularly and avoid junk food, but you still can't see your abs showing?

Tweak your lifestyle for leaner abs

There is no secret and not every rule applies for every body.

The following list is here to help you determine where it's going wrong with your six pack:

Your carb intake is messed up

Many people still can't see their abs even when they change their diet. Why? Because eating healthy doesn't mean you will see your abs.

Carb intake influences water retention and energy use of your metabolism. Eating too much carbs can make you bloated, but eating too little can make your organism stressed and hold on to extra fat.

How can you balance your carb intake? Get your nutrition guide with answers, easy recipes and guidelines to enjoy food and show off your abs here. The in-app version of the Nutrition Guide is available in the Madbarz Premium, along with home workout plans!

You overeat too often

Switching to a fitness diet usually makes people crave more food. Even after a short period of successful shredding many reward themselves with a big cheat meal.

Over eating can „hide“ your abs with extra fluff, for a day or two, as your body is getting back to balance. If you decide to shred, stick to your diet plan longer (at least a full week) before treating yourself with a special meal.

You drink too much alcohol

It's not just extra calories, a lot of alcohol stops your fat loss by providing too much energy. Besides, casual social drinking leads to snacking and even late night extra meals. It also raises the level of stress on your body and negatively affects sleep. Did you even know that sleep has an effect on how lean your abs look? Read on.

You don't sleep good

Not getting a healthy dose of sleep regularly show on your abs. The hormone cortisol, that causes extra fat storage around the belly is raised when you don't have enough quality sleep. Sleeping less also means less growth hormone, so your trainings might be going to waste if you don't fix your sleep, get more info in this article.

Your workouts are not working

This is where you need to be really honest. Do you train at least 4 times per week? Do you combine various types of workouts –more/less intense, long/short, fast/slow, strength/cardio etc. or just do the same thing all the time?

If not, don't expect to see results.

You don't have enough muscle tone

It's important to do different workouts because visible abs are the result of changing your whole body, not just training abs...but that doesn't mean you can skip abs exercises!

Finish your trainings with abs exercises or add in an occasional abs only workout to your weekly plan. That way your abs will get a real pump and you can finally see them in the mirror.


You don't have to give up everything. It's possible to find the right lifestyle balance and enjoy food, drinks and trainings and have visible abs at the same time.

Stay focused in your daily meals, but learn when to indulge, too - all info and recipes in the Nutrition Guide.

Keep your trainings fun - create unlimited workouts and get tutorials for advanced moves in the Platinum Pack.

By the way, here's how to make sure you stay strong while getting lean.

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