Fast And Furious - Two Full Body Workouts

Fast And Furious - Two Full Body Workouts

December 04, 2015 | Photo credits: Madbarz

One of the biggest difficulties people have when trying to train regularly is choosing what exercises to do day after day.

When you're busy the best way to be productive and stay on track is to do a full body workout.

How to make an extremely simple full body workout?

REMEMBER: When you train for strength, choose form over speed.

Combine two exercises that can be done in a row without a long pause.

Modify the duration and intensity of the workout with reps, based on your time and energy.

Workout #1 "I Want To See The Pump"

Your choice for when you want to instantly look bigger in the mirror (while getting stronger).

Bulgarian Split Squats + Chin Ups

How to do it: Do as many reps of slow Chin Ups as you can. Without a pause do as many reps of Bulgarian Split Squats as you can.

Rest until you feel ready for the next round. Repeat 7 times.

Why Chin Ups?

Start with Chin Ups. The Chin Ups put more demand on the muscles important for a good looking pump - biceps and chest, than Pull Ups. Chin Ups also use a lot of muscles on your back, and even the core. For most people Chin Ups are a little bit easier then Pull Ups, so you will probably manage to do more reps in one set. More reps means more pump. Just in case you need even more, here are some other chest exercises, and ways to work on biceps.

Note: Beginners can substitute Chin Ups with Negative Chin Ups to build the necessary strength and get more reps.

Why Bulgarian Split Squats?

After Chin Ups, your legs are still fresh. Time to move on to Bulgarian Split Squats. They effectively target the biggest thigh muscles (quads) which give you a huge leg pump effect. The quads need a lot of stimulation to get tired. Bulgarian Split Squat is a better choice for achieving this effect than the regular squat because it is a unilateral exercise that places about 80% demand only on your front leg. That way you can get more intensity with less reps. The stabilizing muscles must also work to keep your balance.

Note: Beginners can substitute the Bulgarian Split Squat with Lunges. Advanced exercisers can choose Pistol Squats instead.

Create this workout, save it in your app and watch how you progress! Tracking workouts is important. Unlimited saved workouts are included in the Madbarz Premium.

Workout #2 "I Want To Drop Dead Tired"

Your choice when you just want to feel like you squeezed the life out every single body part. And get fitter, of course.

+ Pull UpS

How to do it: Do Pull Ups without reaching your limit (if you can do 10, do 7-8). Take a short pause and do Burpees (at least 5, not more than 20). Rest until you feel ready for the next round. Repeat 7 times.

Why Pull Ups?

Pull Ups are epic. If you're wondering why, you can find out here. But simply put, they will make your full body workout much more hardcore than Burpees. While Burpees really drain your whole body, the Pull Ups can additionally squeeze out the back and arms parts that didn't get enough shock from the Burpees.

Note: If you're not very good in Pull Ups yet, do Negative Pull Ups to build up the necessary strength.

Why Burpees?

Nothing can make you as tired as burpees, everyone loves them and hates them. They train a specific form of strength - the strength endurance, because they require muscles to be in tension for a relatively long duration without decreasing their efficiency. Burpees also hit many different muscle groups at once – arms, chest, legs, glutes...thereby rapidly using all the energy stores in your body and creating an after burn effect.

Note: If you experience lower back pain, check your form and watch out to squeeze your glutes throughout the whole push-up part of the Burpee. For a more advanced variation add a high knee jump at the end of every rep.

Now it's your turn, tell us what your favorite two exercise combination is. Tell us in the comments below!

And of course, don't forget to feed your muscles.

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