Tips For Outdoor Training In Cold Weather

Tips For Outdoor Training In Cold Weather

November 23, 2015 | Photo credits: Pixabay
If it's cold, Adjust your workout, Don't skip it.

Cold weather boosts your immune system and burns more calories.

These tips will help you avoid skipping outdoor workouts and catching a cold when you train outside.

Choose your exercises wisely

Before you go out, think about the pauses you will be making during workout and the explosiveness of the movements you plan to do.

Be smarter: Choose a workout routine that you can do without completely losing your breath. If you rest too long you will cool down fast. Aim for routines with shorter pauses.

Ice can slow you down. If you're training on freezing temperatures, avoid explosive exercises to reduce your chance of getting hurt.

Dress up in layers

The biggest mistake is to dress too warm when it's cold outside. Opt for layers of clothing, but choose them wisely.

Start with synthetic materials that take the sweat away from your skin. Top it with a wool or fleece layer, and finish with a waterproof or wind-proof jacket.

General rules, adjust to your needs:

  • 4 to 15°C (39 to 59°F) Take one long sleeve layer. Shorts are acceptable.
  • -4 to 4°C (24 to 39°F) Take two layers. Shirt + jacket. Long tights.
  • Lower than -4°C (24°F) Take three layers. Shirt, sweater, jacket. Long tights.

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Warm up before you go out

A 5 minute dynamic warm up at home will do it. You can choose simple moves like alternating high knees or do a couple of burpees.

For the ones who fear cold: Warm your clothes or shoes beforehand. The starting feeling of warmth when you go out might help you keep your body temperature high during the whole workout, which is very important.

Wear a hat

Don't lose heat after your warm up, wear a hat.

Comfort is important: Prevent the painful freezing ears feeling. That way it is more likely that you will go out again, and not regret your first winter training adventure.

Don't let your temperature drop

Avoid getting sick :The easiest way to catch a cold is by sweating and then cooling down outdoor while you are still wet.

How to prevent cooling down: If your workout place is not nearby, jog or take a really fast walk from your home and back.

Experiment with layers, take the jacket off in the middle of the workout and put it back on when you're going home.

More than anything else, a smart selection of exercises will help you avoid cooling down.

How cold is too cold?

Our bodies can adapt to weather conditions, but it is important to gradually adjust to low temperature depending on your fitness level.

Beginners should avoid temperature below 0°C or 30 degrees.

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