5 reasons why pull ups are epic!

5 reasons why pull ups are epic!

May 19, 2015 | Photo credits: Facebook

Pull up is an amazing single movement that can rock your entire upper body. The pull up is a compound exercise and it’s important because it targets multiple muscle groups and triggers a release of growth hormone. The pull up is without a doubt the ultimate measure of upper body strength and it is one of the basic exercises that you need to master if you wish to progress into the advanced movements.

So why are pull ups so epic?

Work multiple muscles at once

Pull ups work your biceps, back and core in one movement!

Pull ups are a compound exercise, which means they work multiple joints and muscle groups at once. This enables you to build muscle and strength way faster than if you were working each of these muscles individually. As mentioned, in the appropriate variations of the pull up you can engage your core and save time on doing core-specific training.

Build your strength

Pull ups are a fantastic way to build powerful forearms and grip strength. This will let you perform more repetitions and it will also help to prevent injuries and speed up recovery time if injuries do occur.

Grow and strengthen your upper body

There is no other excise that will make your upper body grow like pull ups will. Pull ups do a great job of targeting the back and biceps, they engage the dominant back muscles including the traps, the lats, and the rhomboids and are one of the best ways to measure the upper body strength.

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Many variations

There are many variations of the pull up that can be progressed, regressed and performed without equipment simply by widening or narrowing your grip on the bar.

Shred the fat

To get the most out of your pull ups, decrease the time in-between sets or super set your pull up with another exercise – this will boost your weight loss. You may consider the pull up a strength exercise rather than a fat-burning activity. But muscles consume more calories than fat, even when they’re at rest.

Now get up and do some pull ups! ;)

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