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Workouts • March 09, 2017

Pull Up Workout Challenge

Test yourself and see what's the next step to level up your back strength!

Pull Up Workout Challenge

Challenges make the best workouts. Why?

Because with each challenge you:

  • Push harder than you normally would
  • Test yourself to see how you progress
  • See where you stand against others

This quick challenge is meant for developing, and testing, your back and arm muscles.

What’s the challenge

The challenge is about:

How many Pull Ups can you do in 10 sets?

But…there are two rules.

Scroll down to see the rules, or check the short video summary.


  • 1 min rest - You are allowed to rest for 1 minute only between sets
  • Strict form - Chin over the bar, no kipping.

For more info check out Check out Pull Ups VS Chin Ups.


In total, how many Pull Ups did you do in 10 sets?

1-10 = Got any back? You know what you have to work on :)

10-30 = Learner: Get a better training plan!

30-50 = Master's Candidate: Keep doing what you're doing. You'll master it soon.

50-70 = Serious Challenger: Start working on a Muscle Up! Get the Muscle up tutorial. Or start the Muscle Up Training plan in the Madbarz Premium.

70 + = Gorilla: Congratulations, but don't forget to train your legs, too ;)

Share your score in the comments below!


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  • db2p 14 workouts (level 12)
    about 80 pulls in strict form and 1mn rest between sets .... not so bad for a 54 year old man (I said roughly because it's not counting the first of each set because I give it a little momentum with the legs otherwise 87 in total) December 10, 2018
  • cluezero23 538 workouts (level 107)
    109 on a wider bar. Definitely tests the grip strength as well. May 19, 2018
  • mickey313 285 workouts (level 76)
    82 pull ups, and working to be better than yesterday May 17, 2018
  • Renato Petković 50 workouts (level 22)
    79 reps...step by step to 100+ March 27, 2018
  • Alberto Lazzarin 496 workouts (level 101)
    63 February 12, 2018