Pull Up Workout Challenge

Pull Up Workout Challenge

March 09, 2017 | Photo credits: Madbarz

Challenges make the best workouts. Why?

Because with each challenge you:

  • Push harder than you normally would
  • Test yourself to see how you progress
  • See where you stand against others

This quick challenge is meant for developing, and testing, your back and arm muscles.

What’s the challenge

The challenge is about:

How many Pull Ups can you do in 10 sets?

But…there are two rules.

Scroll down to see the rules, or check the short video summary.


  • 1 min rest - You are allowed to rest for 1 minute only between sets
  • Strict form - Chin over the bar, no kipping.

For more info check out Check out Pull Ups VS Chin Ups.


In total, how many Pull Ups did you do in 10 sets?

1-10 = Got any back? You know what you have to work on :)

10-30 = Learner: Get a better training plan!

30-50 = Master's Candidate: Keep doing what you're doing. You'll master it soon.

50-70 = Serious Challenger: Start working on a Muscle Up! Get the Muscle up tutorial. Or start the Muscle Training plan in the Madbarz Premium.

70 + = Gorilla: Congratulations, but don't forget to train your legs, too ;)

Share your score in the comments below!


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