5 Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Tips

Are you sick and tired of weight loss tips that don't work? Science is here for you - check out these scientifically proven tips that will help you reach your goal faster!

May 03, 2019
5 Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Tips

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Summer is just around the corner; you already set your favorite winter coat aside, and if you weren't consistent with your diet and workout routine, you might notice some extra weight you acquired during winter. Prepare yourself for sensational clickbait headlines like ‘’This tea will help you lose winter weight.’’ or ‘’Weight-loss secret doctors don’t want you to know’’. These tips and tricks have the sole purpose of selling products and typically hold no truth nor value.

Everyone craves a magic pill that can melt away the fat, but since such a product does not exist, the good old fashioned hard work remains undisputed as the best way to lose weight. Contrary to common belief, hard work includes both your workout routine & diet, as diet is the most crucial factor in your weight loss process.

Luckily, science heavily researched the topic of fitness & weight loss. The latest scientific research gives some great insight into methods that can speed up your weight loss process. The best part is, all of these tips don't require any purchases; they solely focus on creating healthy habits. None of these can replace a healthy & well-balanced diet, but they will help you reach your goal faster.

1. Take care of water consumption

One of the most common tips surrounding weight loss, drinking enough water, is proven to speed up weight loss in multiple ways. 

Drinking 500ml of water can increase your metabolic rate by up to 30%  for approximately one hour. Increased metabolic rate means that you'll be burning more calories in that hour, therefore achieving caloric deficit faster.

Secondly, dehydration can make you feel hungry. Once you feel the hunger creeping in, instead of reaching for food or snacks, grab yourself a cup of water instead. You might find yourself surprised by the disappearance of hunger, but even if you don't, drinking a cup of water 30 minutes before a meal will reduce your calorie consumption by approximately 13%.  Research has shown that if you consume 500ml of water before each daily meal, you will lose up to 44% more weight than if you don't.

Bottom line: Drinking 500ml of water before a meal will boost your metabolism, reduce your caloric intake & help you lose fat more efficiently.

2. Take care of your sleeping habits

Sleeping is crucial for the body to function, and therefore for the metabolism. Sleep deprivation is known to influence weight gain as it affects appetite and physical activity. 

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep is a significant risk factor for obesity. Firstly, adults who sleep poorly have a risk of obesity increased by a whopping 89%. Secondly, less sleep is associated with higher weight gain, and finally, people who get insufficient sleep eat more than people who get a healthy dose of rest. 

Bottom line: A proper sleeping habit is crucial for your overall health, as well as for weight loss. Try getting the recommended 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to ensure you have enough energy and that your metabolism stays healthy. 

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables

You've probably heard this one before, and for a good reason, this is one of the best weight loss tips you should follow. 

Fruits and vegetables are a crucial part of a healthy diet, providing us with fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Studies have shown that an increased intake of fruits and vegetables can contribute to weight loss and help you avoid weight gain.

Make sure to eat more fresh vegetables, such as salad, cucumber, carrots as they are harder to chew, thus requiring us to chew more thoroughly and eat slower than we usually would. This way you will consume fewer calories in a meal and achieve a feeling of fullness faster.

Bottom line: More fruits and vegetables in your diet will improve your diet and nutrient intake, therefore your weight loss process as well.

4. Cut sugar from your diet

Cutting sugar from your diet should be a number 1 priority as it is directly associated with obesity, as well as a higher risk of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Sugar is not hidden solely in unhealthy food. You should observe the ingredients of foods we usually think of as healthy since they often contain a lot of sugar. One of the most common sources of sugar today are sugar-sweetened beverages, such as soft drinks. Scientific researches show that avoiding such beverages is an excellent way towards weight loss, while overconsumption leads towards weight gain. Drink water, unsweetened teas (such as green tea) or freshly squeezed unsweetened lemonade.

Bottom line: Sugar might very well be the main risk factor for obesity. Cut sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages from your diet to improve your health and weight loss progress. Always take a look at beverage labels and avoid products with sugar. 

5. Eat smaller portions

Most of today's products, especially snacks and soft drinks, come in supersized packages. Restaurants serve XXL versions of their menu, while the size of an average home dinner plate has increased by 36% since 1960. Evidence shows that portion size will affect how much we eat. When given a more substantial portion, people tend to consume up to 30% more calories in a meal

Using bigger plates can lead to you serving yourself twice as much food, compared to serving on a smaller plate. A neat trick, on the other hand, is to use smaller plates to trick yourself into serving smaller food portions, therefore consuming fewer calories

Bottom line: Portion size is one thing you can (and should) control in everyday life, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Additionally, watch out for the portion sizes of the products you are buying - always opt for a smaller portion of snacks or sweets, you will eat less that way.


There are plenty of tips and tricks on losing weight, but not all of them work. Always rely on scientifically proven facts, as they will provide you with real results and better overall health. Rather than dieting, try to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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