Shoulder Burn - No Equipment Muscle Building Workout

An intense challenge for your shoulder muscles. No equipment, you can do it at home!

February 24, 2017
Shoulder Burn - No Equipment Muscle Building Workout

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Face the truth. Nobody cares about your abs if you look weak when your shirt is still on.

Here’s why shoulders need your attention:

  • Shoulders shape your physique and posture
  • Shoulders are the least stable joint in the body and need strong muscles to stay injury-free

Can you build shoulders at home, without weights?

Challenge your muscles and they will grow!

This home workout creates an intense shoulder muscle burn. Combine it with other bodyweight workouts from the free Madbarz App for iOS and Android and you can sculpt your shoulders at home.

Benefits of this workout

  • no weights required
  • short and simple, but brutal
  • suited for all fitness levels - just add more reps if needed
  • full range of motion, activates shoulders from all sides

How to do it


  • 8 Decline Pike Push Ups
  • 8 Hindu Push Ups
  • 20 sec Handstand Hold
  • Rest: 30 sec between exercises, 90 seconds between rounds
  • Repeat for 6 rounds. Add or reduce the number of reps to make it challenging for you.

Check the video below for a preview.

You can find video instructions for each exercise in the free Madbarz App for iOS and Android. Use the app to create the workout and you can track your progress for best results!

Exercise descriptions:

Learn how to perform the exercises from this workout below.

Or check out other shoulder shocking exercises.

Decline Pike Push Up

Decline Pike Push Ups

Starting position: Push up position with feet resting on a stable elevated surface (a box or a chair next to the wall).

  1. Lift hips up and bring hands closer to the box until your body is shaped like an upside-down „V“.
  2. Bend elbows to lower yourself down slowly, until head is just above the hands. Try not to let the elbows flare out to the sides.
  3. Push yourself back up to starting position.

Hindu Push Up

Hindu Push Up

Starting position: Push up position, feet placed wider than shoulder width.

  1. Move body back by lifting hips, keep arms and legs straight, until body forms an upside down „V“.
  2. Bend elbows and dive down with your head to bring body forward, hips go towards the ground.
  3. Lift your head and straighten the arms, look up.
  4. With your arms straight, push body back and lift hips to return to starting position.

Handstand Hold

Handstand Hold

Starting position: Stand tall in front of a wall.

1. Place hands on the floor in front of you, shoulder width apart.

2. Keeping your arms straight, kick your legs up until body is forming a vertical line.

3. Keep core and shoulders engaged for stabilisation. Hold for set time.

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  • drumik 747 workouts (level 102)
    How about this modifications? Pike push ups Handstand push ups Hindu push ups Handstand hold I am thinking about keeping pike push ups as a warm up before handstand push ups Same break time and amount of rounds May 25, 2017
  • Antonio Garcia 794 workouts (level 109)
    March 14, 2017
  • drumik 747 workouts (level 102)
    Great workout Finally got some good burn in my shoulders Short and straight to the point Does anybody know similar for chest(with dips) and back (with pull up bar) workouts? Thx March 06, 2017
  • onkel 877 workouts (level 199)
    Good Workout. Did 90 Decline Pike Push Ups, 90 Hindu Push Ups and 227 sec. Handstand Hold. March 03, 2017
  • Mr Hornbach 930 workouts (level 94)
    Settings - clear Cache ... Then log out and in ... so you will find the new excercises March 01, 2017

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