Summer Shredding Madness - Workout Challenge #1

Summer Shredding Madness - Workout Challenge #1

June 16, 2016 | Photo credits: Madbarz

Summer is in the air. Don't be shy. Don't just train at home. Go out and do this intense challenge to fire up your metabolism, burn fat and reveal your muscles.

Why it works

Challenge is inspired by a „30-20-10 seconds“ workout formula developed and tested on athletes.[1] The key is to really explode in the 10 second sprint. Shock your body, activate more muscle fibres and push your limits.

The benefits

  • You'll keep burning fat thanks to a metabolism boost
  • Sprinting will make you a faster runner overall
  • Get a nice skin tan from working out outside ;)

How to do it

Create this workout in your Madbarz app. You can get more space to save workouts with the Madbarz Premium.

Post your after-challenge selfie and tag it with #madbarz on Instagram. The coolest one wins a Nutrition Guide to get shredded faster!

More challenges coming soon!

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