5 reasons why push ups are amazing + 3 tips to push up perfection

What benefits do you get from Push Ups? Get tips for a perfect Push Up!

May 06, 2015
5 reasons why push ups are amazing + 3 tips to push up perfection

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Aaaaaaah the poor old push up… Some may think of them as too basic and boring but whether you like them or not the truth is that they are incredibly effective and their benefits are actually quite impressive. They are probably one of the safest and best ways to improve your core and strengthen or add muscle to the upper body. Let's see what's it all about!

1. Total body workout

Push ups work a whole lot more than just your chest and arms. If done correctly, they actually work your arms, shoulders, core and legs; but sure, the focus is on the upper body. It’s all about the tension!

2. Pump up the strength

Push ups build strength, there’s no question about that

Push ups build strength, there’s no question about that. If you’re just starting out you can probably barely do 10 of them but after a week or more of regular push up routines your build more muscle and along with that build your endurance and strength. Also, you’ll probably “get high” on “pumping” because it feels great!

3. Burn fat

Doing this fundamental exercise in interval sets will fire up your metabolism and consequently start burning calories which will result in fat burn.

4. You don't need any equipment

They can be done almost anywhere, even without equipment, which makes them one of the most versatile exercises.

5. Prevent injury

By doing push ups regularly you start to build more and more muscle. This helps protect your joints and muscles and strengthen them in a safe and functional way.

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Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your push ups:

1. Keep a neutral spine and your core tight

Don’t let your core muscles loose allowing your hips to sag; you need to keep your spine in a neutral position. Also, squeeze your glutes! This tip will improve your posture, protect your lower back and you will work your entire body by keeping it under tension.

2. Keep elbows close to your body

Be careful that you don’t flare your elbows wide out to 90 degrees angle, keep them packed at roughly 45 degrees. Flaring your elbows wide should be avoided because it’s hard on the shoulders and on your rotator cuffs which could lead to issues with those two.

3. Mind your fingers

Instead of holding your fingers together try separating them and gripping the floor firmly with each finger. This will give you better balance and will create better tension which will make your whole body work.

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  • Michal Dre (PL) 26 workouts (level 16)
    "Be careful that you don’t flare your elbows wide out to 90 degrees angle" - would like to see the photo comparison of good and bad Push Up. Thanks for article! July 07, 2019
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    Great article, never stop pushing! March 16, 2016
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