Booty Battle: Squats vs Lunges, Which One Will Give You a Bigger Butt?

Read this blog to find out which exercise will give you the best results when working on a bigger butt.

February 22, 2019
Booty Battle: Squats vs Lunges, Which One Will Give You a Bigger Butt?

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There’s nothing more aesthetic than a nice round and perky bottom, but it can be so hard to go from flat to full in that area. Everyone will tell you something different when it comes to the best moves to build a bigger butt.  Two things are always mentioned; the squat and the lunge.

The debate on which move is best has been floating around the gyms and web for a while now, but we are going to set the matter straight. So, to answer the question which will give you a bigger butt, squats or lunges, the simple answer is both

But if you must choose just one, lunges are the winner.

The reason for this is because of the isolation of using one leg putts more stress on the muscles. Also, there are so many variations to the lunge that will target the entire butt.

Anatomy of the butt

There are three muscles in the butt; the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. Each of these muscles is targeted by making different moves. The biggest muscle is the gluteus maximus, and most people focus on working this one muscle. However, the medius and minimus are supporting muscles of the gluteus maximus and play a key role in plumping up the butt. 

The gluteus medius is located high on the hip. You can call this the upper butt. It is usually the weakest muscle in the lower body. By working this muscle, you can increase your ability to hold a tray on your derriere.

The gluteus minimus is lower and more on the side butt than the medius. By working this muscle, you will create a nice 360-degree curve to the tush.

Work all the butt muscles

To effectively sculpt a luscious booty, you need to work all three gluteal muscles. Variations of lunges can do just that. Follow this simple lunge workout to target your glutes.

  • Lateral Lunge (side lunge)- This move will target the gluteus medius but also work the maximus and minimus.

To perform a lateral lunge, stand with your toes pointed forward, feet a little wider than hip width. Step one leg out to the side and shift your weight onto that leg as you bend the knee 90 degrees. The other leg should be straight and extended at this point. Push your weight off the working leg as you straighten back up and into starting position. 

  • Curtsy Lunge- This move will work the gluteus minimus more than the other two, but you will also work the maximus and medius.

To perform a curtsy lunge, start in standing position with feet about hip width apart. Step the right leg back behind the body and to the left, bending both knees into a curtsy like movement. The right leg should cross behind the left leg, and the left thigh should be parallel to the ground. Push off the right leg and return to starting position.

  • Reverse Lunge- This move really targets your gluteus maximus.

To perform a reverse lunge, stand with feet hip width apart and step one leg straight back, bending both knees in a 90-degree angle. Your left thigh should be parallel to the floor, and your torso needs to stay upright. Push off the back foot and return to standing position. 

Make sure to perform all lunge variations with the equal reps on both sides. If you want to make things more challenging, all these lunges can be done holding dumbbells to increase the resistance.

By all means, continue to squat

Now just because lunges are more effective, doesn’t mean you should stop doing squats. These moves are still a top contending lower body movement. 

But when you are looking to work the glutes good and hard, lunges should be your go-to.

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