• June 06, 2017

Huge Update - What's New in Madbarz App?

New Madbarz update offers workout plans and a nutrition guide. Check out what's inside!

Huge Update - What's New in Madbarz App?

What's in Madbarz Premium

All you need to get shredded at home in one app:

  • Various workout plans for your fitness level
  • In-app Nutrition Guide to build muscle or lose fat
  • Unlimited saved workouts - create your own or save from others

*Premium unlocks all features


Currently, the offer includes:

  • Home Muscle Building Plan
  • Home Transformation Plan
  • Muscle Up Training
  • Street Workout (Basic)
  • Push Up Maniac Challenge
  • Six-Pack Abs

*New plans are added each month!

No Equipment & Plans that require equipment

Most plans require no equipment at all (Home Transformation, Six-Pack Abs, Push Up Maniac Challenge). You can start them right away! Some plans require a home Pull Up Bar or the Parallel Dip Bar in the outdoor workout park. More plans (with and without equipment) are coming soon!


Madbarz Premium includes the In-App Nutrition Guide. You can choose your goal - build muscle or lose fat. You'll get 65+ easy recipes and simple nutrition rules you can follow long term.

What if you already bought the Madbarz Nutrition Guide on the web?

If you already purchased the web Nutrition Guide, it will be unlocked for you in the new mobile app version, as well!

How to use the free trial

The Madbarz Premium is offered as a subscription, but you can try it out for free in the 7-day free trial. How to try it?

  1. Download the latest app update
  2. Choose the subscription you are interested in (1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 months)
  3. The free trial starts as soon as you activate the subscription via your iTunes or Google Play account.
  4. No money will be charged to your account before the trial period expires.
  5. You can cancel anytime, but make sure to cancel 24 hours before the trial expires if you don't want the subscription to be charged. Check out Terms of Service or subscription details in the app for more info.

Info for Platinum users

1 month free Premium

If you already bought the Platinum Pack you get a 1 month free trial for Madbarz Premium. The activation code, as well as instructions, for your free 1 month of Premium are included in the email you received when you bought the Platinum Pack.

Unlimited Saved Workouts

For Platinum users that already activated the Unlimited Saved Workouts before Premium was released, the Unlimited Saved Workouts feature will stay active after your 1 month of free Premium expires.

With the release of Premium, the Platinum Pack no longer includes the Unlimited Saved Workouts for future buyers. This feature can not be purchased separately (in the Platinum Pack or directly as in-app purchase) any longer.

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  • FlatSloper X 428 workouts (level 120)
    I would also buy a package that offers a extended exercise database with more push-ups, pull-ups, abs,etc.. variations. Also a package that allows to include more exercises per WO: at least up to 24 (currently only 20!) allowing more exercises, and also divide in subsets of 3, 4,6 & 8 exercises, So one doesn't get bore, don't get used, use more muscles and angles.. And also a package that includes other type of exercises, like suspension (TRX-like) ones. July 22, 2017
  • FlatSloper X 428 workouts (level 120)
    I would buy a package that offers extra tracking stats and follow-up, for example. A package that allows for each Workout (WO) to track INTENSITY by saving Time Under Tension (TUT) per WO; to also track INTENSITY by saving points per time unit per WO; to Save performance differential (incremental / decremental %); to Save/show events: when 'thresholds' are passed for total WO, total Hrs, average time, average TUT, rankings...; to Show & Save 'Scores' or VOLUME like the total number of exercises of the same type at a given WO (e.g. count all push ups, all pull ups, etc..); to show ans save the ratio Cardio vs Muscle; to Accumulate & Save in TOTALS the Average TUT; to Accumulate and Save in TOTALS the INTENSITY, for example as Average points per time unit (like 5 minutes); to have an extended Summary with Total reps for at least the top 10 exercises! (20 preferable: more diversity!), etc... July 22, 2017
  • FlatSloper X 428 workouts (level 120)
    I bought the Platinum when it got offered, and I would most probably buy again a Platinum II or any other package that comes with extended functionalities and features that suits my needs, but after trying Premium, I don't think I want a monthly subscription for plans and recipes. July 22, 2017
  • FlatSloper X 428 workouts (level 120)
    Agree with Mansoor and jfb: despite the different recent updates, the phone the app is very slow and still crash frequently; the web is not longer working properly and it doesn't even have the some exercise database as the phone app. July 22, 2017
  • Mansoor Ashraf 129 workouts (level 24)
    The app is still slow and please fix the issue of capturing scrolling screenshots . App does not capture scrolling/long screenshots . Tried with different phones that comes with the inbuilt functionality but no luck . PLEASE , FIX it as soon as possible . July 19, 2017