The ultimate handstand guide

Everything you must know to master a perfect handstand

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  • 55 pages
  • English language
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Master the art

Impress the world

Handstand is really challenging and impressive to see. It seems like one of those superhuman tricks that are impossible to master.

But is it?

This E-book comes filled with detailed instructions that make it simple. It will guide every step of your progress towards mastering the perfect handstand.


Visual representation

Step by step instructions

Every step is explained in great detail. But simple to understand.
55 pages long, this guide consists of comprehensive visual representations and descriptions crafted with extreme attention to detail.


Conquer your fears

Handstand is challenging

Strength routines. Injury prevention exercises.

This e-book comes loaded with various routines designed to enhance both your strength and agility.

Every routine will mark an important step towards your first handstand and guide you towards perfection.


Tips and tricks

Do it right

Use the wall. Bring out the chair.

Throughout the guide, you will find useful tips & tricks that will help you improve quickly.


Designed by an expert

Master of Handstand

Ex MMA fighter. Black belt in Judo. Master of Sports Science.

The guide was created, in collaboration with Madbarz, by a professional athlete with a long and impressive resume in sports.