A Complete Guide For The Perfect Booty

Everything you need for a peachy behind

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  • 84 pages
  • English language
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Booty: The heart-shaped muscle

We know the secrets of Instagram models. It's really not that complicated. A perfect booty is achievable, and you can get to your goal from the comfort of your home.


A well-rounded guide

If you ever scrolled through the internet and ended up more confused than educated, it is time to switch your sources.

This guide is simple, with detailed instructions that will guide you to your goal.

You’ll get 3 workout plans and learn how to make your own plan.


It's not only about squats

This guide is designed to make you fully understand glute activation and principles behind a successful booty transformation.

You will learn about the most important exercises that activate the glute area, which will help you progress faster than ever.

Also, you will find useful tips and tricks that are crucial in the process.