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Muscle Up Tutorial

People love the Muscle Up because it is definitely one of the coolest exercises out there! It represents power & strength, and it separates the strong from the weak. In this progression tutorial you get all the exercises you need to build your strength so you can achieve this powerful move.

All exercises have their description and a photo demonstration. You will also get some of the tips & risks and a description of all 4 stages of muscle up.

21 pages · English language · PDF format

10-day Workout Plan

A 10-day workout plan designed by the pro athlete Dejan Stipic Stipke. Increase basic strength, or shock your body the right way for even more progress.

  • Full body plan for best efficiency
  • Suitable for you - just adjust the number of reps for beginner or advanced
  • See & track your progress - all routines are already in the Madbarz App

6 pages · English language · PDF format

Booty Workout

Want that perfect, toned booty? This booty workout routine consists of 7 carefully selected exercises and 3 levels of difficulty, all designed to give you the bum you've always wanted!

12 pages · English language · PDF format

Human Flag Tutorial

The Human flag is without a doubt one of the most impressive bodyweight exercises! It's very hard to master and that’s why Madbarz has created a tutorial that guides you through different phases of the Human flag.

Every phase consists of exercises and repetitions you need to master in order to move on to the next phase. All exercises in the phases have a step-by-step explanation with photo demonstrations. Now you have no more excuses!

24 pages · English language · PDF format

One Month of Madbarz Premium

By purchasing the Madbarz Platinum Pack you will get 1 month of PREMIUM free of charge You will get access to all new and cool features like weekly structured workout plans, extra statistics, nutrition and many more!

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Front Lever Tutorial

This impressive hold is well known to be very cool but quite difficult, but it's not impossible!

In this progression tutorial you’ll be guided step-by-step through the progression phases. You’ll get exercise descriptions with photo demonstration so that you can master this move. This tutorial will help you reach your goal of being able to do the Front Lever like a boss!

23 pages · English language · PDF format

2 Epic Workout Routines

Get ripped, rock hard abs and build the perfect chest with these two workout routines designed by Dejan Stipke Stipic. All exercises from these 2 workout routines can be found in the Madbarz Workout App (so that you can work out with App).

If you are looking for routines that will strengthen your core and hit your chest like never before, you are in the right place. Routines come with a step-by-step explanation of each exercise and a photo demonstration.

21 pages · English language · PDF format

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