Slow Torture Challenge

Slow Torture Challenge

October 26, 2016 | Photo credits: Madbarz

You've been bitten by a zombie. The poison is spreading in your body. Your limbs are getting numb. Your movements have become very slow.

The only cure is to survive the full body Slow Torture Challenge.


  • Survival
  • Increased tension stimulates muscle growth and strength gains
  • Slow exercises put extra challenge on your abs

How to do the challenge?

Each exercises has to be performed EXTRA SLOW. What does that mean?

For all exercises:

Count 6 seconds as you go down and 4 seconds as you go up.

Focus on the mind-body connection, try to feel and imagine exactly which muscles you are using. This is a great opportunity to improve your form, which will in turn bring better results in your other workouts.

Where to find the workout?

There are two options:

a) Create it in your Madbarz App.


b) Save it directly by following this link Slow Torture Challenge by mdbrzadmin. If you are logged in to your Madbarz profile on your browser, you will see a start next to the workout name. Click on it and the workout will be saved to your account. This version has 10 rounds. It's just an example (the time is not real), you don't need to do the exact same number of rounds. Just push to your limit.

Save unlimited workouts with the Madbarz Premium.

How many rounds can you do?

Write down in the comments below!

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