Intense Full Body No Equipment Workout - "Dirty Dozen" Challenge

Intense Full Body No Equipment Workout - "Dirty Dozen" Challenge

September 09, 2016 | Photo credits: Madbarz

Body transformation is the result of overcoming new challenges. Don't let this process stop! Never let your body get used to the same workouts. New workout challenge is here – push your limits for a good muscle pump and burn.

The benefits

Full body workout for muscular strength and endurance. Workouts with many rounds, such as this 12 round workout, test your mental strength and determination – the only way to success is by learning to fight the part of you that wants to quit.

How to do it

Repeat 12 reps of Push Ups, V Ups and Lunges for 12 rounds. Resting time between rounds is 60 sec. Try to keep the resting times between exercises to minimum.

Advanced version: 12 Pike, Decline or Clap Push Ups, 12 V Ups, 12 Bulgarian Split Squats

Beginner version: 12 Knee Push Ups, 12 Crunches, 12 Squats

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