Get ripped like sprinters: Olympic body training challenge

Get ripped like sprinters: Olympic body training challenge

August 09, 2016 | Photo credits: Flickr: William Warby
Sprinting burns fat and builds muscle at the same time

You don’t have to run 100 m in 9.5 seconds to look like a sprinter. Want to know how to train right using sprint workouts?

The „Olympic Body“ workout is inspired by the 2016 Summer Olympics. Don't just watch, transform your body!

Scroll down to see the workout, read on to learn more about how to use sprinting for results.

Benefits of sprinting

  • burns fat, great for fat loss
  • increases metabolic rate
  • builds your legs and glutes
  • every step engages your core

How to start sprinting

Make sure to warm up properly - you can do a light 10 min jog or couple of rounds of High Knees just until you start to sweat. If you are a total beginner it's advised to start by sprinting up a hill. Hill sprints are a good way to develop good form and less chance of injury, explains coach Eric Cressey.[1]

How fast should you sprint?

If you want to look more athletic and be fitter there's no need to precisely measure the distance and time for your every sprint. But you have to know the right intensity to aim for in your sprints.

In the "Olympic Body" workout beginners should start by doing all sprints at 50% of what they feel is their maximum running speed. For others 70-80% of max running intensity is advised in 20 and 30 sec sprints, while the shorter 10 sec sprints can be done at 100% intensity. Find out more about getting ripped with high intensity HIIT workouts.

Sprinting workouts training schedule

How often should you sprint? Here is an example of a one week full body training split with sprinting workouts. You can use "Olympic Body" workout for sprints, and other free workouts in the Madbarz App for Upper and Lower Body strength training days!

  • MON: Lower Body workout
  • TUE: Upper Body workout
  • WED: Sprints / Olympic Body
  • THU: Lower Body workout
  • FRI: Upper Body workout
  • SAT: Sprints / Olympic Body

Olympics-inspired workout challenge

Create this workout in your Madbarz App to add a taste of Olympics in your trainings! You can get unlimited space for saving custom workouts with the Madbarz Premium.

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