100 Burpee Challenge - What's your time?

100 Burpee Challenge - What's your time?

July 08, 2016 | Photo credits: Madbarz

The classic - 100 burpee challenge - is a workout that every home training athlete should try at least once. Haven't tried it yet? Accept the challenge now!

What's so good about this challenge?

It's a quick workout that helps you shred faster. But also a great way to track your progress. How? Just repeat the challenge after a month and you'll see! Burpees train full body strength and endurance. Hate them? Here is why you should love burpees.

How to do it?

Create a 100 Burpees workout in your Madbarz App and click start to track your time. Make short pauses when needed. Save unlimited workouts with the Madbarz Premium.

Post your time in the comments below!

Burpee Form Info

The hardest variation of a Burpee includes a full controlled Push Up. If you can't do that, split it in two moves - touch the ground with your chest and then push yourself back up. If that's too hard for you, no problem - just kick your legs back and front.

It doesn't matter what type of Burpee you choose, just make sure your core and glutes are tight in all reps. Even if it's a challenge on time, your form is still important ;)

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