Try To Conquer This Workout – The Squat Hell

Try To Conquer This Workout – The Squat Hell

April 04, 2016 | Photo credits: Madbarz; Pixabay
See all benefits you get from squats and test Yourself Right Away

Want to look ripped?

Then you should never skip leg day, it makes your results much faster.

For efficient leg training, try the new challenge - the Squat Hell.

Leg day benefits

Want to gain lean mass, lower body fat and increase strength? Leg training boosts testosterone and is very energy intensive, it's perfect for conditioning.

Good news: Gym is not a must, research says bodyweight squats show results, too.[1] Bad news: you still have to train insane. (See more leg exercises here.)

How to do this challenge

Challenge has 3 cycles with 1 set of Bulgarian Split Squats and 2 sets of regular Squats in each cycle. Why are there 2 separate Squat sets in every cycle?

Change in tempo =
more time under tension =
muscle growth

The first Squat set has to be FAST, and the second SLOW (3 seconds down, 1 second up).

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What's your score?

Make as much reps as possible, the following numbers are the minimum, the real challenge starts if you do more!

Don't forget to share your reps and time in the comments below!

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