How To Increase Vascularity + Exercises For Bigger Biceps

How To Increase Vascularity + Exercises For Bigger Biceps

January 04, 2016 | Photo credits: Madbarz
vascular arms are one of the aesthetic symbols of HARD WORK.

What is the main factor that determines the visibilty of your veins, the „vascularity look“?

How can you increase vascularity without supplements?

Low body-fat

To see your veins, you have to find a way to reduce the thickness of the layer between your skin and muscles. The most important factor to reveal your veins is the body-fat percent. Forget supplements, forget genetics, put your efforts into getting lean.

How to get leaner?

Add extra fat burn workouts to your strength routines. Try HIIT workouts, extreme at home fat burning routines, or workouts you can do under 15 minutes!

A single digit body-fat percent (more likely 5% than 9%) is needed to get that „roadmap of veins“ look. The leaner you are, the more veiny you will look.

However, if your goal is to go from puffy to dry it's necessary to think about water retention, too.

Water retention

If you're already very lean (are you though?) but still rarely look vascular, it's time to rethink your water, salt (sodium) and carbohydrate intake.

What causes excess water retention?

Not drinking enough water, eating too much sodium and/or consuming a lot of carbohydrates usually leads to excess water retention (~3 grams of water are stored per 1 gram of consumed carbs). Eating enough protein is essential to maintain the optimal water balance, too.

The body loves balance, so consistency is key.

Drastic water and sodium manipulation or extremely low-carb diets are not necessary. Simply avoid big oscillations in water, salt and excess carb intake.

Confused about what and how much to eat to finally see results? Get lean with practical advice and simple recipes from the Nutrition Guide. The in-app version of the Nutrition Guide is available in the Madbarz Premium, along with home workout plans!

Workout "pump"

Vascularity will be the most visible during, and right after, your workout. As you exercise, your veins and arteries widen to increase blood flow and bring oxygen to aid in energy production in your muscles.

As an example, here are some exercises that give you a biceps pump and help you see increased vascularity:

Chin Up

An important pulling exercises that places more demand on your biceps. If you're curious, here is the difference between pull ups and chin ups.

Inverted row (Chin Up grip)

This exercise is easy to adjust to your fitness level, so the ones who can't do many Chin Ups can still get a big biceps pump.

More intensity can be achieved by adding a static hold (for a couple of seconds) at the top of your Chin Ups or Inverted Rows.

For detailed explanations and other exercises check the article for bigger biceps.

Takeaway: Don't blame the water retention. Get f*cking lean, exercise like a beast and you will look like one - vascularity included.

Our body is a result of both, the genetics and the work that we put in. Building more muscle and getting lean is the way to achieve the „vascular look“. What you do every day matters – be consistent with exercise, drink enough water and don't forget to balance your protein and carbs.

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