Ultimate Overload Routine - Yolo

Ultimate Overload Routine - Yolo

December 21, 2015 | Photo credits: Madbarz

One of the key problems of muscle building process is giving the body enough stimulus to grow without overtraining at the same time.

A simple way to do this is to create the overload effect and follow it with proper rest.

What is overloading?

The effect of providing the training stimulus that surpasses your current limits and forces your body to adapt during longer rest period. It can be achieved by manipulating the 3 crucial training variables: frequency, time and intensity. However, it has to be done in a smart way.

How to overload without overtraining?

Manipulating all of the 3 variables at the same time (training more often, longer and harder) leads to a burn-out and can cause injuries. Instead, choose one, and let your body adapt through proper recovery.

A simple, intensity overload strategy

We've created an intense routine you can use to overload the body in one training session at home, and then let it adapt for 2 days during holidays. If there is a smart way to get ready for the New Year (parties and cheat meals), then this is it.

Note: No matter how hard you overload with one training, you'll be ready to come back in 2 days, so don't let that rest day turn into a whole week of rest.

The YOLO routine

You only live once. That is the philosophy behind the YOLO routine. The YOLO routine is a one-time shock for your body, a full body strength training in only one cycle. An adventure, a training to remember and to brag about.

Do you dare to click Start?

Create this workout in your Madbarz App, instructions are below:


The provided numbers are meant for intermediate level. To adjust the level divide the set number of reps by 4, and then add or remove that number from the suggested number or reps according to your level. But remember: YOLO.


Intermediate Squats = 52

52/4 = 13

Beginner Squats = 52 – 13 = 39

It's supposed to hard. Rest according to your need, as much as it takes for you to complete the workout.

Feel free to adjust the reps according to your fitness level, but remember, give it all you got, feel the burn.

Think you can create a better YOLO workout? Unlimited saved workout combinations are available in the Madbarz Premium. Keep challenging yourself!

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